Heya! Some of the bigger stuff is still getting worked on and isn't quite ready yet, but there's 1 quality of life feature I wanted to implement sooner rather than later.

Super Sonic now has ring attraction!

It should be noted that the pull of said attraction is very weak, and will only really trigger if you get close enough to a ring where you could almost physically touch it. This change was implemented mainly to help with the fact that Super isn't the easiest to control, and completely missing lines of rings can tend to happen sometimes.

Not much other than that, enjoy the update folks!
Heya! While bigger things are still being prepared, I thought I'd release a smaller update!
A bug was fixed in relation to shield visibility for Super, but also...

Super Sonic now receives buffs from super sneakers and invincibility! The duration may be cut in half from 20 to 10 seconds, but both powerups give pretty meaningful effects!


Invincibility will nullify ring drain, and can be very useful for scenarios where your ring count is a bit low.


Super Sneakers will power up Super's speed, letting him move a bit faster and making his thok a little more powerful. It'll also let him speed straight through spikes like it's nothing!

Enjoy the update, everyone!
I found that for some reason the file for the Super Metal Sonic race just vanished from the thread for some reason. Super Sonic is still at 1.0.3 as of this being written, so sorry about that.
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A sudden error was fixed related to emerald tokens.
Sincerest apologies for the 3 subsequent updates, folks
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Apologies for the 24 hour hotfix, but a coding error was found and promptly fixed ASAP.
Please download 1.0.2, and sorry for the inconvenience!
Heya! This update was pushed as a general hotfix to fix 2 pesky bugs that got past testing.
- In netgames tokens will no longer create an error in console for players that aren't Super Sonic.
- Badnik rings should only activate for Super Sonic now.

Also, originally planned to release along with v1 but barely wasn't done in time... A race with Super Metal Sonic!

Make sure to add this after Super Sonic, since Super has stuff that it needs to run. 2 things to know are that compatibility with netgames currently doesn't exist (unless playersforexit gets set to 1) and that it's really hard. Being designed to give Super Sonic a challenge, this is recommended for highly skilled players only.
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