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    • Willytor replied to the thread StuffAccounts.
      would an encryption key-based system be even possible in lua
    • Willytor replied to the thread [Reusable] SRB1 Remake.
      wheres the multiplayer version soc i dont see it linked anywhere and the download button downloads the main mod
    • Willytor replied to the thread Adventure Sonic (v1.4b).
      hey wasnt a new update going to come out when 2.2.10 released i assume the devs are busy but its been a bit since 2.2.10 released
    • Willytor replied to the thread SRB2GB: A gameboy emulator.
      emulation itself is perfectly legal. the illegal part is rom distribution, which this doesnt do
    • Willytor reacted to MrSolipanto's post in the thread Super Mario Bros. with Cool! Cool!.
      I have been playing around with the Luigi update and I love it! It is really fun and it's nice to see Luigi here. But I'll admit the...
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