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SRB2Kart-Galaxy A Moe-Mansion like Build for people that are missing some of its features
Since 1.6 came out and there was no Moe Mansion or Moe Mansion like build at this moment, I decided to make one myself and merge most of the stuff I could from other branches that Moe had to 1.6, the current features are listed here, for convivence.

Just download and extract the zip to your SRB2Kart folder and it'll run just like that if you aren't missing anything from the folder

Current Features
Percentage Speedometer from Lonsfor
Custom resolutions for Opengl and Software from birdhouse
Replay Marker from Tyron
Turnsmoothing from Birdhouse
Dedicated server-replays from Birdhouse
Opengl-render-distance adjuster setting from Birdhouse
Birdmod from James
Callmore's Character Skin Selection
Driftsparkpulse from Ashnal
Protocols from Fafabis
Extension type
File size
1.9 MB
MD5 Hash
First release
Last update
4.40 star(s) 10 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. v1.3 update (Mostly Bug Fixes)

    Added some more bugfixes and a new feature for debugging performance on servers (Originally from...
  2. v1.2

    Updated with the latest merges from the Kart-Krew Public-Repo, including changes like -Better...
  3. v1.1

    Added srb2kart protocols from Fafabis so with this version, you would be able to connect to an...

Latest reviews

Just a great feature port from moe and other stuff.
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I can't live without these features, this is amazing!
The only thing that would make this better is a 64-bit version (like how Moe Mansion originally had), since that allows the game to run much faster.
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I had problems with resynchs and even slowness when loading add-ons in the first version. However, now everything seems to work perfectly, so I came to update my review. Good work!
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Won't open. i tried downloading the md5 files only for it to not work.
What is the error that it's showing?
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game unplayable without the CSS god bless
Upvote 3
I was really hoping for a Moe Mansion update or similar build. Galaxy delivers what it promises, but it proved to be very unstable with me and friends, as it caused resynchs on every server we entered. :(
Haven't heard anyone else talk about this so I'm curious as to why that's happening
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Extremely thankful for the official release! It has everything one would want from the old Moe builds and more, and I'm grateful for the actual .exe download.

Some notes!
While the option is still present in old Bird/Moe builds, Music Resyncing is moreso an annoyance than anything as it causes music to stutter and loop backward upon getting *any* form of lag, and it's not clear how to disable it. You'll want to set "Resync Threshold" to 0 to disable it, why it's not disabled by default is beyond me.
The skin selection menu is also the old Callmore take on it as seen in old Moe builds, not the new one with custom graphics, which is a little disappointing to me but it makes sense as to why it's not included. I kinda wished to see the new one, but the old is customizable and familiar.
Lastly, I hope I'm not remembering wrong- but older versions before release also had a local skin feature, why was it never officially included? Was I simply playing an edited build?

Honestly, this mod is an essential to have, I can't live without the QoL features it adds.
I believe it didn't have that for Moe Mansion but it was in some birdhouse builds so that may have been why
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finally... it has been 8(?) months...
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riamu .........
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gud build from the wise galactose
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