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[Reusable] SRB2Kart 1.3 - Moe Mansion

I give permission for this addon to be reused, modified, or ported by anyone
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A rolling release/nightly version of srb2kart 1.3 based on birdhouse with a couple other changes.



Tracking Features:
  • Birdhouse included
  • Birdmod included
  • Large Address Aware so 32-bit builds can use 4gb of memory instead of only 2gb. Helps avoid "out of memory" errors.
  • Callmore's new grid character select screen
  • Character preview speen by minenice
  • Tyron's replaymarker command to mark replays in middle of race
  • 64-bit support for those who need it
  • Always up to date with master

As this is a nightly build compiled by a build server, the latest version will always be automatically posted to

This is also why we gave it the "unstable" warning before. It's a nightly version that's not fully tested so things might go wrong sometimes.
However I do try to keep it reasonably checked so there's no obvious crashes.

1.3.31 Initial public release
1.3.32 Added birdmod
1.3.33 renderstats updates
1.3.34 redownload add-ons if hash doesn't match instead of crashing
1.3.35 tyron fix for timestamp in replay marker
1.3.36 add build number version to the version label i.e. v1.3 (Moe Mansion #36)
1.3.37 Fix issue with loading files with uppercase extension like .WAD
1.3.38 Updates from master (stun, instant-askjoi, http-downloads-auth, mute-music)
1.3.39 Update from master (srb2-findplane-backport)
1.3.41 Add kart preview spinning by minenice
1.3.42 Remove window shake effect from birdmod to hopefully let windows defender be happy
1.3.43 opengl texture respawn fixed (Hannu)
1.3.44 Prevent the connection from being canceled when in Record Attack (Ashnal)
1.3.45-48 srb2kart://protocol support (Fafabis)
1.3.49 Perfstat fixes (Hannu) Show track addon on map select (Fafabis)
1.3.50 slowthemind found the force new build option (no changes)
1.3.51-52 Fix bug where HUD menu had overlapping entries (himie)
1.3.53 Menu options for separate x/y deadzones (Lonsfor)

This post might not always be up to date
Check the build server history for the latest changes

Direct Download
Source Code
CI Server builds and history

Extra features in Moe Mansion includes code by these authors:
  • Ashnal
  • Callmore
  • Hannu Hanhi
  • Jameds
  • Fickleheart
  • Tyron
  • minenice
  • Fafabis
  • Lonsfor
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Something something welcome to reviews! My friend is just getting into this game with us, but can only play this game on Mac. I don't know if there's currently a way to obtain a Mac build of this, so if there's a way that can be possible, that would really make these sessions better! Other than that, the uncapped FPS is awesome and the camera tilting, dear goodness the tilting!
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basically srb2k uncapped, and i'm mcloving it
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There's no reason for you not to use this. Crashes are typically much less common than base game due to the large address aware flag making out of memory errors a thing of the past. Don't be scared off by the "Nightly" moniker.
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