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Disgaea Chars! v9 (the final update)

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-All sprite credit belongs to Fabulous Ninji, I thank him very much for making these sprites
Now here is the list of characters!

Flonne: the warrior of love and justice
Speed 4
Weight 4



Flonne, the love warrior of justice has joined SRB2kart from Disgaea to spread her message of love to the other karters. Will she be able to spread her ways of love on the raceway or will she be called a ditz and ignored by everyone? There's only one way to find out!

Pleinair: Mascot
Speed 7
Weight 2



Pleinair, the mascot of Takehito Harada arrives onto the kart scene after needing to take a break from working at the dark assembly, use her high speed and low weight to slip past the kart competition, though beware of her drift spark rate, it might let you down on back to back turns.

Etna the self-proclaimed "Beauty Queen"
Speed 6
Weight 6



Etna, The Beauty Queen has arrived after hearing about the kart scene and Flonne leaving earlier as well, She's here to show up the kart competition with her charms and skills. Etna is an overall balanced character that won't struggle on a majority of tracks due to this but she won't really shine in more specific tracks like Flonne and Pleinair.

Disgaea's Mage
Speed 6
Weight 1



This Mage is ready to race and rumble with her magical offense, using her requires a bit of foresight as she is able to drive well using her decent speed and low weight, however, Mage is fragile and can not take bumps well at all so exercise caution.

Toto Bunny's Overlord
Speed 5
Weight 8



Usalia hops onto the race, this curry-loving rabbit has decided to race on a go-kart for fun, Usalia is surprisingly tanky for her size, which enables her to bump others and withstand hits with her speed being average. Usalia will have a decent time with crowded or wide tracks but struggles more with tight turns compared to the rest of the racers in this pack.

A final boss in training, Desco!
Speed 8
Weight 8



Desco comes onto the scene bringing destruction with her skills, Desco hits hard and drives fast but as a result; she suffers from poor recovery and turning compared to the rest of her friends in the pack and suffers the most from crowded and tight maps but let her zoom and it'll be hard to stop her most of the time.

Fuka Kazamatsuri, Dream Girl!
Speed 8
Weight 4


Fuka comes in hitting the swings with a strike in tow. A girl who thinks she is stuck in a dream and hangs out with her sister Desco. Fuka is a faster, more heavier Pleinair. This leaves her with a similar drift spark rate but at the slight cost of lesser turning than Pleinair but she isn't pushed around as much.

Valvatorez: Prinny instructor and former Tyrant
Speed 5
Weight 7


A Vampire that currently teaches Prinnies, Val is ready to race among his friends. Valvatorez exchanges slightly less weight for more turning, allowing him to cover some areas that a similar stat spread like Usalia can't but they largely play similar to each other so it comes down to preference.

Raspberyl, the delinquent of Evil Academy
Speed 6
Weight 3



A student from Evil Academy, Raspberyl is a middle ground between balanced leaning towards speed and a lightweight, she can handle tracks that covers in turning well and straightaways as well though not as good compared to Pleinair and Fuka. She'll clean up the competition with her apparently eco friendly kart.

Priere, La Pucelle's nun
Speed 8
Weight 6


A feisty nun who's ready to battle at any moment, she is a hard hitter who can take some bumps back
She does best on straightaways and suffers on maps with more tight or consecutive turns but not to the same extend of her heavyweight companions.

Pirilika. Hinomoto tourist and ditzy fangirl of Hinomoto
Speed: 3
Weight: 3


A huge fan of Hinomoto and its culture, Pirilika is here(on vacation) to enjoy racing in SRB2Kart, Pirilika is
a racer with a focus on acceleration and tight turning, she does well on maps with many tight turns and can easily get back from a hit but she has a tough time frontrunning with her low top speed also resulting in more poor performance in more straightaway/boost heavy maps and low weight making her easy to bully, but if you can get past those flaws, you'll find that Pirilika is a reliable racer.
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