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Added some more bugfixes and a new feature for debugging performance on servers (Originally from Bird and Moe 1.3, thanks to Hannu_Hanhi) called Perfstats:wow:
Listing the changes below uhhhhhh
-Fixed ban.txt crashing you (However the ban.txt still appears in your folder)
-Fixed possible segfault for cvars registered from lua with flag CV_CALL
-Fixed miscellaneous crashes
-Perfstats have been added to Galaxy-Redux allowing you to debug performance and see what's causing issues on your server, there's three variables to perfstats: perfstats 1 2 and 3. Listed below are the three images that go with the command in order. So 1 then 2 and 3
Credit to Hanni, Lactozilla and Indev for these fixes🙏
As a side note, if you get trigger warnings for the exe as a virus or malware try to flag it as safe for now, I've gotten it submitted to Microsoft so it won't be read as a false flag but it'll take a while

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Updated with the latest merges from the Kart-Krew Public-Repo, including changes like
-Better Split-screen sound with the Sound Refactor backport
-Increased range of anti-grief cvar
-Prevent multiple nodes fopen-ing the same file fixing a crash that would occur with the direct downloader
when multiple players try to receive the same file simultaneously.
Added srb2kart protocols from Fafabis so with this version, you would be able to connect to an kart server via the MS online browser.
Added a few bug fixes from KartKrew/Master such as fixing gamepad axis brake behaviour.
Should be slightly less crash prone during longer session than before.
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