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Are you interested in running from traps?
Are you interested in killing others, or your friends, with traps?
Are you interested in making everyone in your immediate vicinity upset at you?

If you answered yes to literally anything, you'll most likely like SRB2 Deathrun!

The Deathrun Gamemode, first established in the popular mod by Garry, sees the runners needing to avoid obstacles set by the trappers in order to reach the end. This mod, as such, aims to recreate that gamemode within Sonic Robo Blast 2.​

Coming in Version 1​

Version 1: Coming Sometime this Year

NOTE AS OF 4/6/23: These Versions Are Years Old. Wait for V1 to Come Out.
Version 0.1: Initial Release.

Version 0.1.1: After disappearing for a month or two I decided to update this mod again, and will continue to do so in the next few weeks. This is the first part of the update, the next part will be released soon.

Version 0.2. This update improves that old broken lua system from before maybe, adds new features, and fixes bugs as well. In the next update, I plan to include some new things, which include:
A new map if I have time and patience as my computer belongs in a garbage dump and needs to be recycled, Ability Nerfs and Abiltiy Cooldowns, and some major bug fixes and new features.

While you wait for Version 1, you can check out either this Github Repository or Gitlab Repository, which both contain beta versions of the Deathrun Gamemode, as well as other mods I've been working on.
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