The Story of Uncapped Revengence Discord the 3rd

[Open Assets] The Story of Uncapped Revengence Discord the 3rd 2.8 and 3.0

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The Story of Uncapped Revengence Discord the 3rd, or TSoURDt3rd for short, was originally a compilation of both the Uncapped-Revengence branch, by Eidolon, and Discord Rich Presence Support, orignally made by Kart Krew for SRB2 Kart and ported to Vanilla SRB2 by Fafabis.

However, as time went on, I added my own custom features to SRB2's code, and eventually ported some features over from other repositories, ultimately forming my own unique and custom build of SRB2.

With this build being continiously built, or in other words, a rolling release build, it usually gets built fairly regulary, and will eventually contain more and more features over time.

The build and its executable files can be found in the provided ZIP file, with folder containing the assets, libraries, and files for each different version of TSoURDt3rd, all containing folders for different operating systems as well.

(...Except for Mac Users, at least for now. You'll have to compile this build yourself. Sorry :p)​

Here Are Some of TSoURDt3rd's Current Highlights and Features:
  • Uncapped
    • Now in Vanilla SRB2, but was featured in this build early enough for me to call it a "New Feature".

    • (By Eidolon, Old Original Source Code found here)
  • Discord Rich Presence
    • Includes extended support for commands, options, custom characters, and even includes custom statuses.

    • (Original Code by the Kart Krew and Fafabis, can be found here)
    • (Extra Code Made by Me)

    • Currently Supported Characters:
      • Sonic, Super Sonic, Sonic & Tails
      • Tails
      • Knuckles
      • Amy
      • Fang
      • Metal Sonic
      • Adventure Sonic
      • Shadow
      • Skip
      • Jana
      • Surge
      • Cacee
      • Milne
      • Maimy
      • Mario
      • Luigi
      • Blaze
      • Marine
      • Tails Doll
      • Metal Knuckles
      • Smiles
      • Whisper
      • Hexhog
      • Speccy

    • Currently Supported Character Portraits:
      • CSS Portraits & Super CSS Portraits
      • Continue Sprite Portraits & Super Continue Sprite Portraits
      • Life Icon Portraits & Super Life Icon Portraits

  • Custom Build Options, directed towards Saves, Servers, and Extra Features
    • (Holepunching Ported from SRB2 Kart by Me)
    • (Original Leavebug Fix Coded by flarn2006)

    • Here's a General Overview on the Other Extra Features this Build Offers:
      • Legacy Features, such as
        • Startup Screens
        • Commands
        • Graphics
        • Holiday Events
      • Game and Engine Modifying Features, such as
        • Realistic Shadows
        • Loading Screens
      • Audio Features, such as
        • Customizable Jingle Music
        • Default Map Music, for Maps With No Music
      • Savefile Features, such as
        • Perfect Saves
        • Continues
        • The Ability to Store Savefiles in Folders
      • Server Features, such as
        • A Removed SOCK_SEND Error
        • Holepunching
        • The Ability to Change Your Character While Moving
      • Miscellaneous Features, such as
        • Extra Events and Event Features
        • QoL Changes and Features
        • Customizable and Dynamic Window Titles

  • Palette Rendering​
    • (Software Palette in OpenGL)​
    • (Made by Hannu Hanhi, source code found here)​
  • Autoloading Addons
    • (Made by Me)

    • Using Right Shift over a mod in the addons menu allows you to select mods that will autoload when SRB2 first starts up.
    • This feature also allows you to bypass modifiedgame checks when the game first starts up, allowing you to play all the mods you want.
    • This feature also creates new savefiles for whenever autoloading is active, meaning that your normal savefiles are safe and secure.
      • Your gamedata is still used and intact, however.

    • To stop certain, or all, addons from autoloading on startup, look at the autoload.cfg file, located in your SRB2 directory, and remove the mods there.
    • Autoloading add-ons still does affect netgames and the ability to join them. If you've loaded game-changing add-ons, you still need to relaunch with the base WADs loaded in other to join other netgames.

  • A Jukebox
    • (Made by Me)

    • Play any of your favorite songs, even during a game, all from the comfort of your own Jukebox.
    • (You need to have the Sound Test unlocked in order to use this feature.)

    • How To Add Custom Music to the Jukebox
      • First, you need to have the jukebox.pk3 file and your custom music on hand. Make sure your music is in the proper format.
      • Then, you need to add your music to the jukebox.pk3 file.
      • Lastly, open the MUSICDEF file within jukebox.pk3 and add your custom music to that file. If you need to, use some of the pre-existing lumps in the MUSICDEF file as an example on how to add your music to the file.
        • Make Sure you Name the Files Correctly. Remember that The First Two Characters in the Name of a Music Lump, I.E O_ or D_, Are Exempted From the Lump Name in the MUSICDEF file, with the Other Characters Being Required in that Field.

      • Alternatively, you could just follow this SRB2 Wiki tutorial on how to create MUSICDEF files.
  • ...And Even More Randomness!​





  • Each major version number changes which version of SRB2 that TSoURDt3rd supports.
    • I.E: Version 2 will support SRB2 2.2.10, Version 3 will support SRB2 2.2.11, and so on and so forth.
    • If you don't see a major version number of TSoURDt3rd that supports your wanted SRB2 version, then TSoURDt3rd doesn't support it yet.

  • Changes and Builds are made randomly, but frequently, so be sure to check here and the repositories for any updates.
  • Unless you plan on using this as your main build, it may be best to make a separate directory for this custom build.
  • If you experience severe lag when recording GIFs in OpenGL, you're not alone.
    • Unfortunately, that's a general uncapped bug. At the time of writing this, it happens in both the next branch of the SRB2 Repositories, and even in the current version of SRB2 Kart. Until there's a commit made to help resolve that, there's not much I can't do about it at the moment, sorry.
    • At the moment though, just use Software to record GIFs, as those are interpolated.


Where to Pester Me if I did Something Wrong or if you Just Want to Pester Me in General
  • Discord, which I use the most, by using StarManiaKG#0 (or StarManiaKG#4884 if that doesn't work), or by using SRB2's Official Discord Server.
  • Here, on my SRB2 Message Board account.
  • On either the Github or Gitlab Repository.
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Latest reviews

The best alternative version of the game, with the best and most necessary options IMO. I'll always use this build when possible.
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AMAZING build, fixed most of my issues and preferences i had with SRB2.
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What Does Dispenser going up do?
First of all, this isn't the right tab to ask this question in. Second of all, if you have the extra tsourdt3rd pk3 loaded, it basically just spawns a TF2 dispenser.
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what is sonic CD mode?
This isn't exactly the tab to ask this question in. With that being said though, it basically just turns flickies into flowers, like in Sonic CD.
Upvote 1
what version is this currently for
While I appreciate the review, the discussions tab would be the best place to discuss this issue. With that being said, this build is currently for 2.2.10, but will be ported to 2.2.11 sometime between today and the next 3 months.
Upvote 0
honestly the best srb2 client imo
I'm glad you like it.
Upvote 1
don't press read me
you get sigsegv'd
That's not supposed to happen, sorry lol
Upvote 0
Absolutely amazing addition to the uncapped exe resource! I love the added discord rich presence and mod autoloader as well as the ability to redirect save files into folders. the only reason I'm not giving a full five stars is because I thought the discord invite feature would work without me port forwarding the game (like SRB2K does).
got me to finally make an account after lurking for sevenish years to leave this review.
Discord invites aren't what allows people to join Kart without port forwarding. Instead, its a feature called holepunching that allows that. Of course, holepunching has already been ported to this build too, but in the current version, it doesn't work. The next version, however, should allow holepunching to work pretty much smoothly, so you'll just have to wait for that version. Besides from that though, I'm glad you like the build.
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