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Speccy the Kitsune v1.3 (with model now)

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So you might remember a previous add-on of mine, it had RPG mechanics, was quite buggy, and overall wasn't fun to play as. What if we just, take that, remove the RPG mechanics, and make it play normally?

Here's the result:


(CSS Portrait by Totally Lerf (aka Heromi))

Speccy got herself a complete makeover, now wearing glasses (first SRB2 OC with glasses!?), and having three tails!

She kept her Dive, and Crouch from her previous self, but they've been reworked to feel better.


If you noticed, she can now hop while diving! This allows you to keep (and gain) speed.
She also has proper sliding, and crawling animations now!

She can also roll from crouching, or crawling, and she can charge up a power jump!

You can do a roll hop as well! Works similar to dive-hopping.
Don't forget that you can jump out of a roll should it no longer be wanted!

Unlike Legacy Speccy, she has a normal Super Form, no more weird timer-based nonsense!

However, it just functions like normal, she doesn't get anything special..

All screenshots were taken with the Speccy model that was used for pre-rendering.
You can download the Speccy model as well, however it is for personal-use, and cannot be used for your own stuff!
SPECCY SPECCY.md3 2.3 0.0

Credits (excluding me):
Totally Lerf (Heromi): Co-Developer, creator of 99% of the animations. As well as play-tester.
Deadsky: For being my very supportive girlfriend, watching Speccy develop the whole time.

And others in my SRB2 Official Server thread, for giving me ideas, and for overall helping with the development process!

Speccy has two commands for use as well.

fluffymoonwalking [1-6]: Are you a smooth criminal? Then use this command for some Thriller moonwalking!

speccy_remap <action> <button_number>: Use this to remap your dive, and crouch controls. Don't provide any arguments for usage help.
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Latest updates

  1. Twirling, Sitting, Swimming? Sure!

    Speccy can now sit down if left idle for long enough! (This was a pain to animate, hope you...
  2. Fixed the wall cling inconsistency!

    You now cling to walls much easier, instead of sometimes falling off- That's all.
  3. Wall jump, wall jump, wall jump, wall jump!

    Speccy can now wall cling, and jump. Simply hold against a wall after you start to fall from a...

Latest reviews

i really like the walljump and dive, it allows you to do alot of cool things. my only complaint is that the sprites don't look that good in-game
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speccys back! i like this rework
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a glowup if i've ever seen one! unlike legacy speccy, which was extremely unfocused in favour of the frankly quite arbitrary RPG mechanics, this remake ditches those mechanics in favour of a very fine tuned and quite fun set of abilities! i'm always a fan of diving, especially if it can be done on the fly and have bonus effects when landing, and the crouch roll is just unabashedly a spamdash. holy shit.

she's a really fun raw mobility kind of character, chaining dives and spamdashes together to create what is probably among the most fun movement of the majority of characters i've played lately. granted, a lot of those do have more nuance to the moves and in general have wider ranges of options in terms of verticality, but speccy does feel the most fun for my go fast monkey brain.

...that doesn't mean i don't have any issues at all, per se, even amongst the positive changes. speccy feels almost uncomfortably grounded, leaving most if not all movement options close to the ground with little to no verticality, especially with the absence of anything on the double jump. i know it is a little bit cliché, but i do think a double jump would've been a great addition to round the selection out, but what do i know.

overall, though, a great step up from the original, with some unfortunate missteps that i know won't affect anything too much. if i had the option to give her a three-and-a-half star rating, i would, but since i can't, i'll just round it up to four. nice work!
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Welcome to releases! Moveset is pretty basic, but it functions, and the renders don't look half bad. Only thing i'm a bit confused about is why she doesn't have any form of a double jump ability, those kinda tend to be a given with most character mods.
Thank you! I wasn't really sure what would be a good jump ability honestly... double jump seemed a little too eh-
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