Speccy the Kitsune

Speccy the Kitsune v1.3 (with model now)

Speccy can now sit down if left idle for long enough!


(This was a pain to animate, hope you like it!!)

She also has jump abilities nowwww!!

First off, straight from NSMBW, if you're in the air from a jump, you can now twirl! (Thought of by: Mari0shi06)

This temporarily halts your downwards momentum allowing you to go further in the air!

She can now swim as well, just with a catch!
She cannot directly attack enemies, but CAN use her non-twirl mid-air, or on-ground abilities.

Hope you like the additions! Cya'll laterrr~
You now cling to walls much easier, instead of sometimes falling off-


That's all.


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Speccy can now wall cling, and jump.

Simply hold against a wall after you start to fall from a jump to cling onto it, after a bit you'll slide down though! However, if you press Jump, you'll jump off the wall in the opposite direction! It has a few kinks, but overall it works. Just make sure to face the wall if you're going to hold forwards-


Credits to BuggieTheBug, and delf for the wall check, and other things.
Salt here- 🧂

Anyways, fixed up some issues:
- Replaced model with updated one to solve 1UP icon crisis.
- Fixed some bugs related to dying, and etc... hopefully.
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- You keep momentum if you roll right as you crouch, you can also gain momentum.
- Fixed a few annoying bugs.
- Added MRCE support, should work perfectly.
- Still no BattleMod support (I am sorry).
- Unsure what else I did... oh right, Super Aura exists.