Sonic Robo Blast 2 the Past Version 2.0

[Open Assets] Sonic Robo Blast 2 the Past Version 2.0 2.0.13

this version was good I had been hyped back in October 2021
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Sonic CD Vibes!
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This is great, somehow it has even more content than the past versions of this mod and I love the detailing, the expansion of the hub and the inclusion of more galleries, it really is the definitive way to look back at SRB2's history, great work!
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I feel like 5-stars should just be obligatory in this case.
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I've just played this a couple of days ago, and I'm just so glad to have relived the memories of SRB2 and have so much fun playing in the past as it is now. It felt refreshing and satisfying to see the multiple demos for the game, the betas, the development levels, and mostly untouched or unfinished levels that got into this mod. It feels like a nice piece of history while still being a fun game as it was. Glad to see this finally arrived and made it's astounding return into the Message Board
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I really love this it makes me feel like a time traveler
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It is obvious a lot of work has gone into this and I do believe all of the testing that was done was worth it. There is not anything I have noticed that really detracts, so the only things I would have left are nitpicks.

It really drives home for starters just how big an upgrade SRB2 2.2 was, as it seems the 2.1 version of Greenflower was simpler than I thought, though the accuracy at least is spot on as the emblems and tokens alike are right where I remember them being.

Great work on this, I would not complain if Glaber took a rest as everyone plays the pack (as making things like nested hubs work well can be a bit dicey, even if the project was done from scratch in an engine like Godot).
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An easy 5 out of 5 stars! SRB2 The Past was worth the wait!
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This is a really cool way of containing SRB2 history. I also appreciate the amount charm the hub worlds have.
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What an absolute delight to see this mod return stronger than ever. Just did a run through of 1999's SRB2 Christmas - perfect thing to put me in the mood for the season.
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A fantastic way of preserving SRB2 history. It's basically a playable wiki.
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AWESOME! Been waiting for this for such a long time! It's fun going through all these old and amateur stages and looking at stuff hidden within the old versions. The beta quest is frustrating, but fun, the other campaigns are also really fun to fuck around in.

Also, where are the early Tails and Knuckles sprites in the character sprite room from?
SSN Tails provided them.
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Glaber, it has been an amazing pleasure being a beta tester for this project.

Everything here is supposed to be as accurate to it's original source and it does just that, and I'm very proud of it!

SRB2 The Past is my favorite mod for SRB2 and words cannot describe how much it meant for me to be given this task, and the playtesting netgames we had were so much fun (Especially the two times we got SSNTails to join us)!

I'd like to share my reason for being in the "Special Thanks" section of the credits, it's because I organized the menu in the Sound Test.

I hope the community has a lot of fun with this like how we did playtesting it, Time Travelers rejoice for going gold!
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Hey wow is This on my mail?
it's a new resource?
Oh no.
It's just a history textbook of srb2 ( - _-)


This level pack of srb2 are very for new and old players
Original srb2 levels from 2.1 2.0 1.09.10
1.1 demo 1234
Beta tfg demo for sage port for GBA DLC for SRB
And deathmatch.

I Wait bug Fixs

Thanks for textbook prototypes and beta levels! ( U wU)
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its so amazing, ez 5 out of 5, also, whats the object called for the legacy signpost for models
it has to be 4 letters
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This is the actual best version of this date from release!
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Welcome to releases! While the quality of certain levels within this pack are inherently... questionable due to their age, it's still crazy to have all of this stuff so easily accessible without having to dig through countless outdated versions of the game. If anyone is interested in learning a bit about this game's history, this is a great place to go.
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