Main character Pack (v2.6 -> v2.7):
pole color demo.gif

New Characters:
  • Adds Pole (2 Speed, 7 Weight) to the full pack and as an individual racer.
  • Adds Kaiji (8 speed, 7 Weight) as an individual racer, now featuring a new alt skin by NIKO
Character Updates:
  • Puyo has received some touch ups to their signpost to smooth over some minor errors when viewed up close.
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Main character Pack (v2.5 -> v2.6):
sjbcp newsignposts.png

Character Updates:
  • The Noid has received a major revamp with new shading, improved drift and hurt frames, a new Wanted image, and a new signpost. He also uses Ruby as a new signature prefcolor in place of red.
  • Popcorn Robot has also received a similar update, giving him much more detail and a new, more CGA-y prefcolor in Ultraviolet.
  • Puyo’s sprites were overhauled slightly, with more details and dithering put into the spritework. The steering wheel is now shorter and positioned outside the Puyo, allowing it to drive normally. On top of that, it got a fancy new signpost featuring cameos from the other Puyo.
  • D.O.B. has traded his white wheels for the standard black wheels since the shines of the white wheels were somewhat hard to read when in motion compared to the normal black tires used by the rest of the cast. I also took the time to update the shading on D.O.B.'s body to use some darker colors and redo the antialiasing on the shoes, but it is not on the same level as Noid and Popcorn Robot’s “ripped open and redone completely”
  • Gargoyle’s Wanted image has been updated to remove some excess grey dithering on the edge of the sprite. The minimap has also been changed to better represent Garglyle’s head as viewed from the side. Otherwise, its sprites remain the same.

Changes to the roster and individual versions:
  • Beat, Vinny, Joel, Robo-Hood, and Gargoyle have been removed from the main pack, and the Abridged version has been discontinued. All five removed characters are still archived and available separately in The Archives folder, joining Pipo Monkey and the Self-Propelled Bomb.
  • The Inkling Boy and Inkling Girl are now available separately from the Octolings in the Splatoon_Inklings.pk3 file, in addition to the current "Splatoon Racers" combo pack which has them together.
  • The legacy OC pack has been retired due to the outdated state of the characters. Justin is still available in the current OC pack, while Roger and Zax will return at a currently unspecified date with new sprites and voice lines. If for any reason you would still like to play as these versions of my characters, please contact me.

Original Character Pack (v2.1 -> v2.2):
  • Amy's shoulders have been tweaked so they don't appear to "sink" into the ground as much when viewed from the sides.
Main character Pack (v2.4 -> v2.5):
  • Adds Wayne (5 Speed, 7 Weight) to the full and Abridged packs.

Original Character Pack (v2 > v2.1):
  • Raised the volume of Justin, Matt, and Amy's voices.