Remember this GFZ rip-off that some people really liked? Its back, because... well, I got really better at making maps, and seeing how a lot of stuff on this level could be improved, and how some friends wanted to play this in 2.2, so why not port it, right? (and its my birthday at the day of submitting this, so thats a good timing I guess).

Now, I know I have been just porting my maps... all two of them... b-but hold on, there's some new stuff here, and I also have been working on some other cool stuff too! You will just have to wait, I can't say when exactly they will be released, but they will be! Until there, I hope this map makes you a little bit excited for what's to come...

Cool music:

The cool stuff:
- Almost all rooms had some kind of change, small and big
- New path for Amy/Fang
- New rooms just before the end of the stage, because I felt like making it xd
- A lot of new small details
- Even more secrets, explore well
- Ripped clouds skybox from GFZ, sorry I was lazy there
Some more specific changes:
- Removed a lot of unnecessary thok barriers
- The stage now has 0 pits, from 1 pit
- More sloped waterfalls because why not
- The rock jumping section now has a sloped waterfall... yay...
- More spikes... probably too many
- The water sections should feel less empty
- Air Bubble Patches should be very obvious to find

- Fixed certain intangible spikes
- Removed five rings on a section in Amy/Fang path (Perfect Bonus is probably possible now)
- Changed a really hard-to-reach 10 ring monitor to an Extra Life
- Added benches, because yes

This level probably won't fit the "2.2 tier" thing, since its a port from version 2.1, but I hope its still fun enough, and I also hope that the new paths add to the fun of it!

Huge thanks to Tatsuru, who helped me with a gimmick, and everyone who played this level in version 2.1 which helped me with their comments :)

(The map slot is PW)
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