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Alright, you already should know what this is. This is Knuckles from SRB2ME (SRB2 Marriage Edition is the full name, SRB2 2.0 is the short name) and he's back and as accurate as I care to go! This poorly done port has been around for over a year, so I may as well finish updating him, even if people have actually told me they don't care.

He's pretty accurate to his 2.0 playstyle, leading to a mix of UglyKnux and Modern Knux.

Strafe Gliding

NoChuckles can strafe while gliding, just like in 2.0. Unlike UglyKnux, he doesn't have Multi-glide so watch out. NOTE: This is a little buggy in Simple mode.

No Skid

Also like in 2.0, NoChuckles lacks the ability to skid. Have fun not having to wait for them to turn back around!

No Crouching or Sliding!

Unlike Modern Knuckles, he doesn't like to Chuckle. NoChuckles YET AGAIN LIKE 2.0 has the ability to get right back up after dropping out of a glide, or sliding on the floor.

Old (and annoying) Spindash

Your favorite, sound spamming, ear destroying spindash is back!

And for something that is somewhat hard to pull off due to how NoChuckles' sprites were made...
Proper color changing!

Customs and Mod support? (Minor Main game spoilers ahead)
And due to 2.0's age, I ended up throwing together a few custom things that weren't "ported" and also threw in mod support so this mod isn't worthless.

Custom Fireworks

NIGHTS sprites (With a Custom Super Transformation too!)

Then there's the mod support!

Xmomentum (FFXS6 anyone?)


Kirby (Well it's built into Kirby, but hey it works!)

And more!

Version 1.0: Initial (And really poorly done) release

Version 2.0: Overhaul (to make it actually good)

FINALLY Fixed the ugly Dark "Red" pixels not changing. (They were actually Orange!)
Fixed Black Pixel on signpost frame
Changed Nights Sprites
Fixed Nights Offsets, so model support works
Added Old Thok Trail
Added Old SFX (Watch out for your ears!)
Added Lua for Old Spindash, Glide and Anti Crouch/Slide. Thanks UglyKnux team!
Changed Character Description
Changed Char select colors
Changed Char select name from "NOCHUCKLES" to simply "K T E" (Because accuracy and it was going over the description)
Fixed Char select sprite offsets
Added back the missing EDGE frame and brought back their "rotations"
Fixed Glide speed to reflect his 2.0 speed
Fixed Jump Height
Added supercolor for those who use super scripts
Added Persona support (Whaaaat?)
Added Xmomentum support (Double Whaaat?)
Added a custom super transformation frame (inspired by Cotton Candy's edit)
Added Firework sprites
Added Continue Icon sprites
Changed the ENTIRE thread
Added a TIIINY baby easter egg

SSNTAILS and Chrispy for the sprites
The UglyKnux team, for giving me permission to reuse their scripts
CottonCandy, for the original Custom Super Sprite that I used for reference.
And me, for doing 90% of the work :defeat:

Q: Why does he play like UglyKnux?
A: 2.0 is LITERALLY RIGHT after 1.09.4

Q: Why is the Xmomentum support so lazy?
A: It's referencing FFSX6. I'm a stupid person who played Flash games.

Q: Don't we already have a 2.0 Knuckles mod?
A: Yesn't. This mod was the first "working" 2.0 Knuckles mod that was copied and edited for "ChrispyMariage" but that one is inaccurate, has a few errors and also works with 2.2 Knuckles stats.

Q: Why isn't his colors changing? It's only the Socks
A: Startcolor is weird and may of messed up for you. The Socks are already green, so the Red was set to change. Unless I feel like recoloring every sprite, it's gonna keep using startcolor.
If you feel like reusing this mod, please PM me first

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