- Added health.
- Wall Kick completely overhauled.
- Sprite overhaul.
- Bug fixes.
- Coins, 1UP, and Star added.
- Music was changed to Church of Kondo's remastered versions.
- Super transformation remapped to Custom 3.
- Minor touches to more closely match Mario's N64 titles.


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  • Fixed the Slide Kick allowing the player to Punch.
  • Fixed the Punch combo "softlock" in goop.
  • Added the punch combo and air kick.
  • Redone the crouch sliding, added Sweep and Slide Kick.
  • Added Triple Jump and Side Somersault.
  • Visual effects for ground pounding.
  • General bugfixes.
  • Wall Kicks are added.
  • Swimming is remapped back to Jump with the Swim Cancel left in Custom 1, so Mario can no longer Lunge Jump underwater.
  • Swimming speed is buffed and Drill now stacks.
  • Superman glitch was both fixed and made official. Instructions in Mod Overview.
  • Lunge Jump is now more steerable and is way less buggy overall.
  • Proper XMomentum and ChrispyTricks support is added.
  • Run and Ground Pound land animations are updated.
  • Mario can no longer roll before the Race countdown finishes.
  • Mario's underwater check is made more accurate, so now he can no longer air swim in certain sections.
  • Lunge Jump now gives its usual speed boost when Mario falls too fast.
  • Mario is now CTF compatible, so he can no longer Lunge Jump or Wall Kick when carrying a flag.
  • ...and some other details I probably forgot about.
V1.1 - Winging it!
  • Fixed the horizontal spring bug causing Mario to Lunge Jump infinitely.
  • Mario's special stage sprites are now updated to depict Wing Mario.
  • Swimming has been remapped to Custom 1, so Mario can now Lunge Jump underwater. Mario also falls faster when swimming.
  • Mario's underwater damage state has been updated to behave like the vanilla pain state.
Anyways, here's a render made by the programmer, Cherry.