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This mod is an edit to the controls of every character with the main design philosophy of "If pressing a button in a situation does nothing, something should be added!" The changes are listed below.
1. Every Character DashMode - Any character can now enter DashMode, but very little is changed from just activating the flag.
2. Adaptive SpinDash - MinDash is set to the player's normal speed, while MaxDash is set to the player's maximum DashMode speed. These values also scale with Speed Shoes or Super Forms.
3. Capped Momentum - When moving, the player's friction value is set to FRACUNIT, retaining all speed including slope acceleration. However, unlike rolling, this momentum is hard capped at the max DashMode speed. This prevents the Roll from becoming obsolete while still improving the flow of movement.
4. No Air Vulnerability - Repurposed from MasterDisaster64's Air Options, found here: https://mb.srb2.org/addons/air-options.4371/. Jumping or leaving the ground while Rolling puts the player in the Jump state, allowing the use of any air action. Also, when using a Spring or Falling (with different animations that vary based on vertical momentum) any air action can be used. To prevent this from breaking Shield Abilities, they now immediately cause the player to enter the Roll state. Lastly, exiting a Glide, TwinSpin, Bounce, or Float puts the character into an actionable state and keeps their previous speed. Notably, Knuckles instantly re-enters the Jump state, removing the Glide Landing state.
5. Hammer Jump and Hammer Roll/SpinDash - Holding Spin when landing from a Melee attack or a TwinSpin enters the SpinDash state at low speeds and the Roll state at high speeds. Holding Jump instead performs a Spin Jump that works exactly like a normal jump minus the NoJumpSpin/NoJumpDamage flags.
6. Adaptive JumpThok - At low speeds, pressing Jump in the air as Sonic performs a Double Jump. However, it can also be used to redirect momentum at high speeds and gain speed when above the player's normal speed. The speed of the JumpThok can't exceed the player's max DashMode speed. You can also roll out of the JumpThok.
7. Tails Flight Cancel - Press Jump & Spin while Flying enters the Jump state, allowing Tails to fly again. Since this makes the Flight Timer redundant, it has been removed.
8. Metal Jet Flight - Metal's Hover has been reworked into Jet Flight, repurposed from the Egg Reverie Flight code by Fyrid19 found here: https://mb.srb2.org/addons/egg-reverie-flight.3915/. Pressing Jump in the air enters Flight, holding Jump flies upwards, holding Spin flies downwards, and holding both exits Flight the same way as Tails' Flight Cancel. While Tails' Flight takes prior vertical momentum into account, Metal's doesn't to differentiate it.
9. Every Character Super - Self-Explanatory.
10. No More NoSpinJump Shield Abilities - One of two nerfs in the mod, made necessary by changes to Amy and Fang.
11. No Super Jump Boost - The other nerf in the mod, included because DashMode already increases Jump Height and makes it OP when stacked.
12. Uncurl - Repurposed from Starlight's SA1 SpinDash code, found here: https://mb.srb2.org/threads/sa1-spindash-it-doesnt-matter.28199/. Pressing Spin while Rolling exits the Roll and enters an actionable state.
13. Glide Speed Buff - Speed when Gliding is increased from 25*FRACUNIT to 36*FRACUNIT to match Knuckles' normal speed.
14. Tails HoldFly - Hold the Jump button to fly instead of tap.
15. Custom Popgun - Recreation of Popgun that can be used while moving or in the air. Landing while using it in the air cancels the endlag. Being in the Popgun Finish state without weapon delay immediately cancels it and allows the player to move again.
16. Fang's Bombs - Hold Use after the Popgun Finish state has ended to use a Bomb. If there is no lockon it drops straight down, but if there is it's thrown in an arc to its target. Endlag while using it also behaves like the Popgun. Lastly, landing while Bouncing now spawns a Bomb like the 2nd phase of his boss fight. (May revert that last change).
1. Implement Spin Control from Many Minor Tweaks into the main mod.
2. Replace Metal's Shield Abilities with the Charge ability seen in his boss fight.
3. Increase Tails' Horizontal Flight Speed from its current value to Tails' normal speed.
4. Replace Amy's Jump variant of TwinSpin with a Double Jump.
5. Make Fang's Bombs have the same properties as Amy's Hammer.
Not tested for other Character Mods. Even so, I hope you enjoy!
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i finally feel like i'm playing sonic now.
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I like this mod, however, I feel the movement startup speed is a bit too fast and throws me off sometimes. Also, removing the flight timer on Tails seems a little much. If you were to add it back, you could extend it a little, then make it so Metal can fly freely for about the same time or slightly longer to balance it between the two. It also makes sense from a realistic standpoint because there's no way Tails could fly for an hour straight lol
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finally, metal sonic is useful.
Upvote 1
It feels like i am playing srb2 2.3
Is there any particular reason you rated 3 stars instead of 4 or 5? Do you have any suggestions?
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never mind i played it more and am starting to like it
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It's actaully really good, do you think you can be actionable after hitting an enemy or a monitor. It would be cool to chain attacks.
Sorry, I forgot to tell you I added your request of resetting the Thokked variable after hitting an enemy/monitor.
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