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MKSC Bowser Castle 1 (krl_mkscbc1_v2.wad)

Bowser Castle 1 from Mario Kart Super Circuit remade in SRB2Kart!
...there's nothing much more to say on it really.


I've tried to scale this accurately to Mario Kart 7's version of the course, but with some extra additions like slopes (no glider tho), so it's spacious enough to fit 16 players!


The clientsided fire particles spawned around you can be controlled like normal weather with the command "cw_density", it defaults to 1 (Light) but you can raise it up to 5 (Very Thick). You can turn it off entirely as well by setting it to 0.


- The entire map has been visually reworked! Slopes have been added to breath new life into the map, directional arrow signs were added and surfaces stand out more.
- OpenGL no longer crashes while loading the map! This was due to me over detailing the map near the finish line with sectors, but now it's simplified.
- The Map Number was changed to SW to avoid potential future conflicts with maps added to the main rotation.
- The Minimap has been updated due to the changes in the map, and offroad is highlighted in it now too.
- The Skybox has been updated visually, and it no longer clips into the floor within spectator mode/when you're launched by an SPB.
- The Thok Barrier was optimized to increase the framerate a little.
- Support for KL_FinalLapMusic.wad has been added.
- l_ has been added to the filename, since the clientsided fire particles spawned with Lua does mean it has Lua involved, after all!
- A brand new Encore Mode palette has been added! I hope you like how it looks!


- Initial release.

Hope you have as much fun racing on this as much as I did making it!
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