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Symbol Arts from PSO2 1

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A brand new way to emote, Symbol Arts are here from PSO2!
Find the perfect way to express how you're feeling in a certain situation with the new command sa_display.


There are 42 symbol arts to use, 21 themed around both SRB2 and SRB2Kart, find a favourite with the command sa_list! And that's not all too, you can even make your own symbol arts to use with this! (code included below)

First off, make sure this code is at the top of your script, so it won't matter what order you add files.
if not (symbolArts)
    local symbolart_sounds = {
        "SA_DOUBT",    // SA_QUESTION
        "SA_NAILEDIT",    // SA_DECISIVE
    for k, v in ipairs(symbolart_sounds)
        local index = k
        if (k > 9) then index = (k == 10) and "A" or "B" end
        rawset(_G, v, sfx_sasfx1 + (k-1))
    rawset(_G, "symbolArts", {})

Next, you'll need to define all the symbol arts in a table, then the loop afterwards will add all them for you.
name will be the name of your symbol art when displayed in sa_list.
patch is the patch the symbol art will use. All symbol arts are 90x44 so I advise using those dimensions.
sound is the sound number it'll use when displayed. You aren't limited to the constants defined in the previous code sent, so go crazy if you want to!
local SAs = {
    {name = "Example Symbol Art", patch = "SA_EXMPL", sound = SA_NORMAL},
for k, v in ipairs(SAs)
    table.insert(symbolArts, v)
    print("Added Symbol Art "..#symbolArts..": "

After this, your symbol arts should be able to be displayed!

There are also other commands to customize this.
symbolarts: Toggles symbol arts on/off
sa_sounds: Toggles symbol art sounds on/off

sa_delay: This final command is exclusive for hosts/admins, but it controls the delay before someone can send another symbol art to prevent spam.
Symbol Arts also has a config file, symbolarts.cfg, saved into the client/luafiles folder (or just luafiles for Kart), so you can preload settings when loading this mod!

And yes, you heard right, this also has a version for Kart! (Since SRB2 and SRB2Kart currently use different palettes)

You can already tell the chaos this'll cause on large servers... so go on, flail! (And have fun!)
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Latest reviews

Man i really love this! i hope someone makes a png/jpeg to Srb2 Symbol Art converter very soon!
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Absolutely adore this mod! I always liked how Symbol Art in PSO2 worked, they're super expressive and the fact that this is so customizable (and you have useful instructions) makes this really fun to use! Having a config to set binds in too is really useful. I already made a couple custom ones for my Kart server.

I only have a single gripe, and that's choosing an SA is kinda tough. You can only use the numbers, not the names like when picking Hornmod... horns, and that's really about it. My only suggestion for the current version aside from allowing you to choose by name, is that I wish you could bind SA's to different actions- like in PSO2. Say, if you die, an SA pops up, or you grab certain items and SA pops up, and so on.

Keep up the awesome work!!
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Great way to emote to other players. Setting up custom emotes was very easy as well! Only thing I can suggest is for there to be a command to set an emote to one of the Ringslinger buttons... That way, you don't have to constantly open the console whenever you want to express something.
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This is User Friendly! And 100% customizable! Can't wait to see a lot of memes and fun stuff added to this mod. Might make some of my own! | |
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... zenotime type of beat
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~ sa_display 24
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this is an absolutely hilarious new way to display emotes. there's a ton here to start off with (not to mention most of them being timeless memes), and the sound effects really add to it, not to mention that you can make your own and forever associate a friend's death with a certain visual.
my only real gripe is that it is a little clunky to have to go in and out of the console menu, and there are definitely way too many to keep track of, but those are just tiny insignificant issues.
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