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This mod recreates the shield system from Super SRB2 Kart Z, although some shields got big changes for better or worse with the transition!

After completing a lap, you'll roll for a shield that can offer some unique abilities. Use your custom 1 button (scary custom buttons!) to activate your shield! All shields will also reduce your spinout time when you're hit by something while they're active.

Pity Shield
...wait a minute, this wasn't in Kart Z!
In Kart Z, first place usually only got a force shield with a single layer left, this is the unique replacement for that! This shield offers no ability and you'll only get the universal trait of all shields where your spinout time will be reduced with this active.

Force Shield
With a force shield active you'll negate one entire hit without any consequences, no spinout time whatsoever! Drive confidently knowing you're basically invincible until someone destroys the first layer of it.
...or even blow up an eggman item box without getting affected yourself, whatever floats your boat!

Attraction Shield

This shield's perfect ability is perfect at disruption, dragging all item boxes nearby straight to you and destroying them. This even works if you already have an item, so this'll temporarily destroy an item set for any racer unfortunate enough to be trailing you!

Elemental Shield

The elemental shield can potentially break a map in two depending on how it's made. While active, you'll negate the effects of offroad* which can let you freely take paths usually reserved for items. The ability of the elemental shield will simply give you a sneaker boost, but unlike Kart Z it will leave a trail which damages racers trailing you!

* Does not include "glue". Avoid "glue".

Whirlwind Shield

This shield can also break a map in two depending on how it's made! The whirlwind shield's ability will let you jump over any obstacles, potentially skipping a massive chunk of the map (assuming you don't miss too many checkpoints!) so it's usually reserved for the back of the pack. Unlike the Kart Z version you have complete control after the jump, so go make some massive skips!

Armageddon Shield
This shield is pretty straightforward, activate the ability and nearby players and items get destroyed! This shield's ability will also activate when you get damaged with it active, so you'll be a threat to anyone in your vicinity no matter what.

Honestly, most of these shields are capable of horrific war crimes and I personally believe I shouldn't be held accountable for anything that may happen while using them.
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