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After weeks of delays and delays and even more delays, it's here!
The pack's main contents are the pokémon and the chao OCs that I've been working on. Most of these were made a while ago but haven't been public until today, so I hope you enjoy them!

character sheet.gif

The Pokémon:




Weight 1
Speed 8

The Cottonweed Pokémon joins the race! After scattering its cotton spores all around the world, Jumpluff is here to jump it's way into first place!
This character contains BOTH english and japanese voice packs. Use whichever one you prefer!



Weight 3
Speed 5

The Victory Pokémon joins the race! Rumored to always bring victory with it's infinite energy, there's no doubt that with Victini, you'll always win!
This character has two separate color options, choose your favorite!



Weight 1
Speed 7

The Windveiled Pokémon joins the race! This mischievous little prankster has a few tricks up it's sleeve. Can you help this fluffy pokemon make it's way to first place, or will you ride along the winds?
Currently, only the japanese voice pack is released. I plan on doing an english voice pack at some point, but I don't feel like working on it because I really don't like it's english voice.



Weight 1
Speed 1

The Water Fish Pokémon is ready to race... with it's feet?! Yup! Since Wooper does not have arms, it needs to steer the wheel with it's own feet. But... how is the car accelerating then?
the answer may shock you

Paldean Wooper


Weight 1
Speed 1

The Poison Fish Pokemon is ready to go! Hailing from Paldea, this Wooper had to change it's body to adapt to it's ecosystem. Ironically, now it finds itself in yet another change of place: the race track!
and yes this one also races with it's feet just don't worry about it ok



Weight 4
Speed 7

The Long Body Pokémon joins the race! Furret thinks it's driving position makes it faster and more aerodynamic, but that also makes it dangerous to drive. Don't get hit or you'll fall from your kart, literally!
This character contains BOTH english and japanese voice packs. Use whichever one you prefer!



Weight 2
Speed 7

The Scarf Pokémon joins the race! Not being a fan of how much littering occurs in the race tracks, Cinccino takes the opportunity to clear all the bananas away, while also nabbing a few trophies!



Weight 6
Speed 4
The Hammer Pokemon joins the race! Although she can't carry her hammer around all the time, she's here to cause mischief all the same. Perhaps she wants to use the other racers' karts for a new tool?
*NOTE: She has no voice clips yet due to the lack of material to work with. Those will come in a future update!

The Chao:


Starter Pack:

The first 3 chao that I've made before I had any plans for packs.

Big D


Weight 4
Speed 6

Here come the big guns! Big D is a Dark/Run/Run chao that always goes all out in each race he's in. What does the D stand for? If you beat him in a race, he will tell you!



Weight 6
Speed 4

King-II, son of King I. This Neutral/Power/Fly chao inherited a fortune from his father, which he's using to build his own empire. He will not rest until everything is in his own image. Bow down!



Weight 2
Speed 5

The protagonist of The Chao Adventures! This Neutral/Fly chao has a lot of stories to tell, being around for lots dimention-shattering time-traveling shenanigans. He's a very competitive chao that never turns down an opportunity to race!
This was a birthday gift for my buddy CGBuster/ChaoGardenBuster. We both hope you enjoy this as much as he did, and maybe check him out sometime! #shamelessplug

Pack #1:

pack 1.png

My first set of chao characters is finally complete!



Weight 1
Speed 5

Ever wished upon a star? Midelle is a passionate Hero/Swim/Run chao with lots of hopes and dreams. Though she tries to keep it a secret, racing is one of her favorite hobbies, and she's good at it too!



Weight 7
Speed 7

Caliente! This Dark/Power/Power chao is the last remnant of an ancient fire chao tribe. Unfortunately, using fireballs is illegal in the race track, so he'll have to put his experience to good use. Make sure you tread carefully when he's around, otherwise you'll likely be turned into cenizas!



Weight 4
Speed 8

Deedee is a very happy go-lucky Hero/Swim/Power chao. Despite her appearance, she's quite fast behind the wheel which makes her a bit hard to control. Can you help this carefree chao make her way to the finish line?



Weight 5
Speed 6

Guess who? It's Riny! Riny is a Dark/Power/Normal chao that wants to live a normal life, but his friends' antics are way too much for him to handle. Why is he in the racing track? Maybe he wants to relax from all the stress he gets from all the insanity, who knows?



Weight 5
Speed 4

Adventure awaits! Ekene is a fearless Hero/Power/Power chao that can muscle through anything she faces. Despite having a sad upbringing, she works hard every day to bring a smile to everyone's face. Cheer her on!



Weight 2
Speed 8

Soar the skies! Randall is an optimistic Neutral/Fly/Run chao that loves both the skies and his friends, and he will do his absolute best to protect them. He's also very skilled under a car, but he would admittedly prefer riding a plane.



Weight 3
Speed 1

Akira is a timid Dark/Swim chao that is pretty new to racing, but wants to give the track a try thanks to his best friend Ekene. He may not be used to getting hit by spike balls, but he's doing his best!



Weight 5
Speed 8

Harris is an aggressive Neutral/Run/Run chao that doesn't take no for an answer. Pushing away anyone that comes near him, he dubs himself as "Chao Enemy #1.". His origins are unknown, but that doesn't stop him from getting in other people's way!

Pack #2:

pack 2.png

My second set of chao is now in progress!



Weight 1
Speed 3

Summer is a sweet Hero/Swim/Swim chao that wishes to become a singer. In her free time, she listens to swing music on the radio, and sings and dances to the tunes. She does suffer from stage fright, however. Maybe the race tracks will help her loosen up?



Weight 2
Speed 3

Vincent is a Normal/Power chao. He has a very positive and outgoing attitude, helping whoever is in need at the time. He's on a journey to find his parents, as he had to raise himself since birth. Kart racing makes for a fun diversion from his journey, though!



Weight 2
Speed 6

Sureita is a Hero/Fly/Power chao with an unusual color pattern. Although she prefers flying over fighting thanks to her carefree nature, she's stronger than her looks let on. Sureita's at her best when she's tricking all over the track!



Weight 1
Speed 9

Dakota is a Hero/Run/Swim chao. She's had a pretty diverse carreer, from modeling, to chao races, she's been a stand-out on both. She can be a bit ditzy at times, but she always manages to make things work. Help her add kart racing to her portfolio!

Chao Island Pack:


This pack features the winners from the Chao Island raffle! All of these chao are owned by respective members of the Chao Island discord community. Give them a go!



Weight 1
Speed 4

08 is a mysterious Dark/Normal chao with an unusual appearance. It's arms, legs and tail seem to have come from an animal that has not yet been discovered, although this is just a rumor. Although timid, 08 isn't afraid to show off in the race tracks!
08 is owned by AceMapper#0531!



Weight 3
Speed 4

Cloudy is a "monster-evolved" Neutral/Fly chao that's bigger than average! She likes tending to her friends and family, helping whenever needed, although she can come as short-tempered at times. She also likes wearing a familiar-looking crown. Let's hope she doesn't lose it in the track!
Cloudy is owned by GenoTaurus#9982!



Weight 6
Speed 4

Zac is a Neutral/Run+Fly chao. He has been an avid racing fan since he was little, looking up to infamous racers such as Chacron. Whether it's on foot or on kart, he's always willing to give it his all to win! But he might be a tad aggressive...
Zac is owned by Krzys#9783!



Weight 7
Speed 1

Urchin is a Hero/Chaos chao that's a bit of a diva. She has a tendency to snap whenever something doesn't go her way, usually being passive-aggressive to maintain her looks. You'd think she'd stay away from the tracks as to not ruin her outfit. Maybe she has something to vent about? Wait... why am I hearing an orbinaut?
Urchin is owned by BleuScreen#0326!



Weight 6
Speed 3

Pebbles is a Hero/Swim/Fly chao with a cute and innocent appearance. However, she likes to cause mischief to anyone around her, and will get really angry when things don't go her way. If you choose her on the race track, she might prefer going for sick orbi snipes!
Pebbles is owned by Danni#6489!



Weight 3
Speed 8

Muttski is a Neutral/Fly/Run chao with a canine appearance and demeanor. The origins of his appearance are a mystery. But, beneath that is a very playful chao that loves cookies and playing with toys. Just don't tease him, or he'll get upset!
Muttski is owned by Nautical Nova#9740!



Weight 2
Speed 1

Feu is a Hero/Fly/Fly chao adorned with blue phoenix parts. Portraying himself as a gentleman, Feu always tries to keep a polite and professional face. All of that is a ruse, however. Feu wants to mischief whenever he wants, without being suspected by anyone!
Feu is owned by [Bassboosted] Moon Chao#6270!

Bonus Pack:

Chao that weren't originally planned to be in any of the packs will go here.



Weight 4
Speed 3

Brian is ready to run over the competition! He is a timid and shy Dark/Power/Normal chao on the outside. On the race track, however, that's another story. He gets extremely cocky whenever he participates in any competition, usually to his dismay. But underneath all that he's also really skilled. Don't let him fool you!
Brian was a commission for my buddy Giantfirering Cole. I had fun working on this while I was on burnout, so be sure to give him a try!



Weight 5
Speed 9

Holly is here to bring presents to all the good (and naughty) chao in the world! Sporting a 9, 5 stat, she is super quick and slightly heavier than normal chao thanks to all the presents! She also has a good voice and love to show off her skill in singing when she can but sometimes goes overboard with it....
Holly was a commision for my pal solomon514#2540 aka "Uh". Themed characters are a first for me, so this was a nice change of pace. Try her out!

Doodle Holly


Weight 1
Speed 2

Huh??? What's this doing here? Ok, uhh... I don't know how this got here or how you're reading this but, hey if you wanna use this then go for it lol.
Doodle Holly was another commission from solomon514#2540 aka "Uh", and the way I drew her was inspired by light dasher's tangoodle, so go ahead and check that out too!



Weight 7
Mushy is a patient Hero/Power/Run chao that tries to think of her next move. Unfortunately, she's not the brightest of the bunch and often ends up hitting herself. Can you help Mushy succeed on the track?
Mushy was a gift for Erubbu, be sure to give her a try!



Weight 2
Chasm is a Dark/Fly chao known for being a bit of a bookworm. She loves talking to her friends about all the novels she's read, and she plans on making her own stories in the race track soon!
Chasm was a commission for Omi#5406, check her out!

Special Guests:

Coming soon!™️


Q: There's an issue with x character, when you will fix it?
A: I don't check the forums often, so the fastest way to contact me about any issues with my characters is via discord: mindacos#6969

Q: Why are the chao not around the stats of the vanilla chao characters?(1-2 weight and speed)
A: I've thought about this for a bit and the answer here basically boils down to: I have a lot more chao planned for the future. If they were all around the same stats, they'd be nothing more than clones of eachother which would be pretty lame. I was pretty liberal with the stat spreads, so I tried to gauge them by how they'd compare against eachother rather than against the rest of the vanilla cast. I hope this is a good enough explaination!

Q: Are you planning on making 3D models for any of your racers?
A: At some point, sure! That's a pretty big undertaking though, and it'd probably be a bit overwhelming to do all on my own. We'll see where that goes in due time.
*NOTE: Patafoin has already made 3D models for Victini and Furret, go check them out! https://mb.srb2.org/addons/patafoins-3d-model-character-_-added-gmax-eevee-and-dr_fetus.3171/

Q: I'm interested in adding your character(s) to my server, but I only want to do x character(s). Is that okay?
A: Go for it! I'd like to see my characters be used in as many servers as possible, even if they're spread out. I just enjoy seeing people enjoying my work.

Q: I'm making my own character(s), and I want to give them their own taunt frames. Do I have permission?
A: Of course! Unfortunately, I don't really have a guide on how to set these up just yet, so you'll need previous experience with kartmaker and lua in order to pull this off. If you need any help, feel free to message me on discord! (mindacos#6969)

Relatively minor update in scope with some neat additions and a new character:
Paldean Wooper has been added as part of the pokemon pack!

Individual character updates:

Big D v4: Big D can now transform into Super Big D!
Tinkaton v1.2:
Added voice lines!
Wooper v2: Adjusted general proportions through all sprites.

Optimizing my lua scripts and adding acrobasic compatibility.
Dr. Nope: Making Furret's body spawning lua.
Erubbu: Drawing all of the art for this forum post.
Chao Professor: Drawing Tinkaton's piece on the pokemon pack.
RetroStation: Helping optimize and develop the super form transformation lua.

Old patchnotes:
v4.6(08/06/2023): Mostly bug fixes with one new character being introduced:
Feu has been added as part of the Chao Island community pack!

Individual character updates:

Big D v3.8: Minor fixes.
King-II v2.3: Minor fixes.
Flare v1.10: Minor fixes.
Midelle v3: Retouched some of the base sprites. Midelle can now transform into Super Midelle!
Fuego v2.4:
Touched up A1 eyes.
Deedee v3.4: Minor fixes.
Riny v2.3: Minor fixes.
Ekene v2.4: Minor fixes.
Randall v2.3: Minor fixes.
Akira v2.2: New wanted!
Harris v1.3: Minor fixes.
Brian v1.10: Minor fixes.
Holly v1.9: Minor fixes.
Doodle Holly v1.6: Minor fixes.
Mushy v1.5: Minor fixes.
Chasm v1.1: Minor fixes.
Summer v1.4: Minor fixes.
Vincent v1.1: Minor fixes.
Sureita v1.1: Minor fixes.
Dakota v1.1: Minor fixes.
08 v1.3: Minor fixes.
Cloudy v1.3: Minor fixes.
Urchin v1.3: Minor fixes.
Zac v1.3: Minor fixes.
Muttski v1.1: Minor fixes.
Pebbles v1.1: Minor fixes.
Jumpluff v3: Added a small animation to the hurt frames! (LUA only!)
Victini v2.8: Minor fixes.
Whimsicott v3.3: Minor fixes.
Wooper v1.9: Minor fixes.
Furret v1.3: Removed Herobrine.
Cinccino v1.4: Updated localization files.
Tinkaton v1.1: Minor fixes.

v4.5(26/02/2023): A surprisingly big update, featuring Six new characters, as well as super forms!

Vincent, Sureita & Dakota
have been added to the roster, as part of the second chao pack!
Pebbles & Muttski have been added to the roster, as part of the Chao Island community pack!
Tinkaton has been added as part of the pokemon pack!

Individual character updates:

Whimsicott v3.2: Minor fixes.
Big D v3.7: Minor fixes.
Doodle Holly v1.5: Fixed the lua since it had a debug script.
08 v1.2: Minor fixes.
Cloudy v1.2: Minor fixes.
Urchin v1.2: Minor fixes.
Midelle v2.2: Minor fixes.
Deedee v3.3: New flag! Deedee can now transform into Super Deedee with HugeQuest!
Riny v2.2: Minor fixes.
Ekene v2.3: Ekene can now transform into Super Ekene with HugeQuest!
Randall v2.2: A LOT of minor fixes.
Harris v1.2: Minor fixes.
Fuego v2.3: Minor fixes.
Summer v1.3: Minor fixes.
Everyone else: Acro lua updates for new character support.

v4.1(11/04/2022): Another update mainly to fix the tilt frames. No new characters this time, but the next one will have some new faces!
Victini v2.6: Revised tilt frames.
Whimsicott v3.1: Revised tilt frames.
Cinccino v1.2: Fixed tilt frames having uneven proportions.
Big D v3.6: Revised tilt frames. Adjusted arms on all frames.
King-II v2.1: Revised tilt frames. Added more shading to some frames.
Flare v1.9: Revised tilt frames. Touched up on front head frames.
Brian v1.8: Revised tilt frames.
Holly v1.7: Revised tilt frames.
Mushy v1.3: Revised tilt frames.
08 v1.1: Revised tilt frames.
Cloudy v1.1: Revised tilt frames. Several frames fixes all throughout.
Zac v1.1: Fixed wings clipping through tires.
Urchin v1.1: Minor fixes.
Midelle v2.1: Revised tilt frames.
Fuego v2.1: Revised tilt frames. Fixed wings on taunt frames.
Deedee v3.1: Revised tilt frames. Fixed halo.
Riny v2.1: Revised tilt frames. Added missing shine to trickframes.
Ekene v2.1: Revised tilt frames.
Randall v2.1: Revised tilt frames. Minor fixes to front frames.
Harris v1.1: Revised tilt frames.
Summer v1.1: Revised tilt frames.

v4a(10/18/2022): emergency hotfix update, nothing new besides that :(
Cinccino v1.1: Fixed a buggy turn sprite. (Thanks to Henlo for finding this!)

v4(10/13/2022): THE biggest update so far! A whopping EIGHT new characters as well as lots of updates and fixes!
Cinccino has been added to the roster, joining the pokemon pack!
Harris has been added to the roster, finally completing the first chao pack!
Summer has been added to the roster, as the first character of the second chao pack!
08, Cloudy, Zac & Urchin have been added to the roster as part of the new Chao Island community pack!
Chasm has also been added to the roster as a last minute commission!

Individual character updates:
For all characters: Added wheel shading for trickframes and tauntframes.
Akira v2: Added trickland frames!
Big D v3.5:
Optimized sound files for lower filesize. New wanted!
Brian v1.7:
Minor fixes.
Deedee v3: Changed trickland frames!
Doodle Holly v1.4:
Minor fixes.
Ekene v2: Added trickland frames!
Flare v1.8:
Optimized sound files for lower filesize.
Fuego v2: Minor fixes.
Furret v1.1: Minor fixes.
Holly v1.6: Minor fixes.
Jumpluff v2.7: Cleaned up sfx to remove background noise. Optimized sound files for lower filesize.
King-II v2: Minor edits.
Midelle v2: New taunt frames!
Mushy v1.2:
Minor edits.
Randall v2: New wanted!
Riny v2:
Overhauled the shiny look! New wanted!
Victini v2.5:
Optimized sound files for lower filesize. New wanted!
Whimsicott v3: New flag!
Wooper v1.7:
Minor fixes.
(yes i may have skipped some versions cause i couldn't keep proper track lmao)

v3.5(2/17/2022): Three new characters, plus some quality of life!
Furret has been added to the roster, make sure you don't get hit!
Akira and Mushy have also been added to the roster!

Individual character updates:
Big D v3.2: Realigned eyes, plus some minor edits.
Brian v1.5: Minor edits.
Deedee v2.2: Added alt taunt frames!
Doodle Holly v1.2: Added taunt frames!
The present now uses Doodle Holly's prefcolor!
Ekene v1.6: Lots of fixes and shading edits.
Flare v1.7: Added taunt frames!
Fuego v1.7:
Tweaked the flames for the Wanted and Flag.
Holly v1.4: Added taunt frames! Fixed flag being cropped out and a drift frame having stray pixels. The present now uses Holly's prefcolor!
Jumpluff v2.5: Changed the color of the cotton outline. Improved feet shading. Updated taunt frames for more detail!
King-II v1.8:
Fixed taunt frames and a4 frames.
Midelle v1.8: Minor edits.
Randall v1.3: Minor edits.
Riny v1.7: New flag and new wanted!
Victini v2: The two-tone update!
Also includes an alt version without two-tone for those who prefer that.
Whimsicott v2.9: Fixed taunt frames.
Wooper v1.6: Sped up gloat voice line. Added taunt frames!

The honka-donka big as heck update! All the new art for the post is credit to Erubbu#0777!
Randall has been added to the roster, who features his own taunt frames!(Taunt frames play when a character hits someone or lands a trick, and is compatible with both acrobatics and acrobasics!)
Doodle Holly has also been added to the roster!

Individual character updates:
Big D v3: Remade for the third time. Third time's the charm? More proportion fixes and other small details.
Brian v1.4: Minor detail fixes.
Deedee v2: Major sprite overhaul! Mostly just proportion fixes and other stuff. Prefcolor changed to Lilac.
Ekene v1.4: Minor detail fixes. Added taunt frames!
Flare v1.6:
Minor detail fixes.
Fuego v1.5: Minor detail fixes. Added taunt frames!
Holly v1.3:
Minor detail fixes.
Jumpluff v2.3: Edited Hitconfirm sfx (both versions). Added taunt frames!
King-II v1.6:
Edited attack sfx. Added taunt frames! Changed stats to 8 Weight 5 Speed.
Midelle v1.6:
Darkened base color for better palettes. Prefcolor changed to Lilac. Added taunt frames!
Riny v1.5:
New wanted pic! Added taunt frames!
Victini v1.9:
Reworked the shading all around. Added taunt frames!
Whimsicott v2.7:
Changed prefcolor to Gold. New wanted pic! Added taunt frames!
Wooper v1.4:
Fixed a stray pixel on the minimap.

v.2.31(04/03/21): Very tiny hotfix update.
Big D v2.31: Renamed the sfx files to their proper names. (how did i let this slide aaaaaaa)

v.2.3(15/02/21): Another quality of life update, new character coming soon!

Separate character updates:
Jumpluff v2.1: Some minor fixes.
Victini v1.7: Some shading edits.
Whimsicott v2.5: Major shading overhaul!
Wooper v1.3: Some shading edits.
Big D v2.3: Some shading edits.
King-II v1.4: Some shading edits.
Flare v1.4: Some shading edits.
Midelle v1.4: Some minor fixes.
Fuego v1.3: Some minor fixes.
Deedee v1.4: Lots of minor fixes.
Riny v1.3: Some shading edits.
Ekene v1.2: Some shading edits. Also changed speed back to 4 as was originally intended. (oops)
Brian v1.2: Some shading edits.
Holly v1.1: Adjusted shading and fixed turn frames.

v.2.2(13/1/21): Mostly a quality of life update, although this also features a new character: Holly!

Separate character updates:
Jumpluff v2: Jumpluff has been completely remade! The proportions have been changed almost completely, making it more faithful to the original design. Every sprite(excluding the minimap) was remade from scratch, check it out!
Victini v1.65: New wanted icon!(look at again)
Whimsicott v2: Whimsicott has been polished from the ground up! The most notable changes are more accurate proportions and tilt sprites for the front(A1) sprite.
Big D v2.25: Added turn frames for the front(A1) sprite! Also minor detail edits.
King-II v1.35: Added turn frames for the front(A1) sprite! Also minor detail edits.
Flare v1.35: Added turn frames for the front(A1) sprite! Adjusted colors to work better with other colors. Prefcolor changed to Red.
Midelle v1.35: Added turn frames for the front(A1) sprite! Tweaked ranking icon slightly.
Fuego v1.25: Added turn frames for the front(A1) sprite! Also minor detail edits.
Deedee v1.35: Added turn frames for the front(A1) sprite! Also minor detail edits.
Riny v1.25: Added turn frames for the front(A1) sprite! Also minor detail edits.
Ekene v1.15: Added turn frames for the front(A1) sprite! Also minor detail edits.
Brian v1.15: Added turn frames for the front(A1) sprite! Also minor detail edits.

v.2.1(12/07/20): A1 turn frames are in! So far only Victini and Wooper are finished, but I plan on doing everyone else after I've revamped two other characters.
Also, two new characters have been added: Ekene and Brian!

Separate character updates:
Jumpluff v1.5: Fixed some surprisingly glaring issues.
Victini v1.5: Minor detail edits. Added turn frames for the front(A1) sprite!
Whimsicott v1.2: Minor detail edits.
Wooper v1.2: Minor detail edits. Added turn frames for the front(A1) sprite!
Big D v2.1: Fixed emotion ball tilting.
King-II v1.2: Minor detail fixes.
Flare v1.2: Fixed emotion ball tilting.
Midelle v1.2: Fixed emotion ball tilting.
Deedee v1.2: Fixed emotion ball tilting plus minor detail edits.
Riny v1.1: Fixed emotion ball tilting. Slightly edited flag. Fixed some coloring issues.

v.2.0(10/26/20): All characters now have support for trick frames in acromod! You'll need to use the KCL files since those contain the .lua script, but the KC files are still included in case you want to use my characters for time trials.

Also, 1 new character have been added: Riny!

Separate character updates:
Midelle v1.1: Minor additional details. Updated Wanted icon. Prefcolor changed to Fuchsia.
Deedee v1.1: Fixed some color issues. Tweaked some sprites. Prefcolor changed to Fuchsia.
Fuego v1.1: Fixed some color issues. Placing icon tweaked slightly.
Big D v2.0: Completely re-made from the ground up! Looking back at these sprites after such a long while I decided it was time for a makeover, and so I did. The most noticeable changes are the wanted icon and the flag, and the extra shading detail as well as fixed proportions and a new prefcolor(Swamp).
King-II v1.1: Fixed some shading issues. Minor detail changes.
Flare v1.1: Minor detail changes.
Jumpluff v1.4: Minor detail changes. Swapped slow and attack horns for JP voice. Prefcolor changed to Jet.
Victini v1.4: Fixed proportions and shading. Updated hurt sprites. Placing icon tweaked slightly.
Wooper v1.1: Adjusted colors to better fit more prefcolors. Fixed gloat and hitconfirm sfx.
Whimsicott v1.1: Minor detail changes. Fixed all sprites being off by 1 pixel.

Credits to Angular for Acrobatics mod and acrobatics .lua, check it out: https://mb.srb2.org/showthread.php?t=47566

v.1.1(9/14/20): Added 2 new characters! Wooper and Deedee.
Character updates:
Victini - v1.3: Changed the lose voice clip.

v1(8/18/20): Initial pack release! Also includes a few tweaks for my first two characters:
Jumpluff - v1.3:Added Japanese voice pack. Tweaked the overall anatomy to better fit the other characters, and to better align itself. Flag was also fixed.
Victini - v1.2: New flag!

Sound credits:
Pokémon Anime
Pokémon Movie - White, Victini and Zekrom
Poképark 2: Wonders Beyond
Sonic Adventure DX + Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven
Motorhead(various songs - Lemmy Kilmster)
Age of Empires II
Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Ignition
Ougon Musou Kyoku Cross

(if i'm missing any credits, please let me know!)
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  1. v4.7: Super Big D, Paldean Wooper & Tinkaton Voicelines!

    Paldean Wooper is here! Featuring some slight proportion changes that were also applied to...
  2. v4.61: Feu & Hotfixes.

    Minor hotfix update for Jumpluff: Jumpluff v3a: Fixed leftover debug console prints.
  3. v4.6: Feu & Hotfixes.

    Mainly a hotfix update, however this update does introduce one new character: Feu! (Chao Island...

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Tbh, this is a very nice pack overall, I'm quite fond of theming present here, that being little creatures. The thing that really caught my attention was the special LUA for the taunt animation on the racers, it's a very nice touch and I hope to see more of this.
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