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Welcome to HugeQuest, a collection of gameplay mods to spice up your Kart experience!

Featured mods (and their console commands):
Grow+(hq_huge, default On): Inspired by V2, Grow+ allows the use of items while active! Additionally, items used during Grow+ are now twice as big, with Orbinauts and Bananas splitting on impact with a player, another item, or - in Orbi's case - the last wall impact in their bounce threshold. Split items are normal size. Furthermore, using another Grow while Grow+ is active will extend the timer. Mines set during Grow+ retain their standard counterpart's range and blast radius. Finally, item odds are adjusted during Grow+ to roll attack items or Invincibility, with a chance to roll 4x Orbi or 10x Banana!

Optional features for Grow+:

Offroad Immunity(hq_offroad, default On): Changes the Grow+ flash from blue to green and allows Grow+ to ignore offroad, at the cost of reduced duration (10s vs Vanilla Grow's 12s) and reduced total top speed (165% vs V.Grow's 180%).

Extended Spinout(hq_yeet, default On): Attack items, such as Orbinauts, used during Grow+ will inflict extended spinout on players hit. Mines set by Grow+ players will also launch players caught in the direct blast 50% higher.

Free Orbi(hq_orbigift, default Off): If using Grow would leave you empty-handed, you'd instead be given a temporary Orbinaut to use for the duration of Grow+. If it isn't used by the time Grow+ runs out, the Orbinaut will disappear. It will also disappear if you fall off the track!

Other mods in this pack:

Extendable Invincibility Timer(hq_sparkle, default On): Instead of resetting the duration when using a second Invincibility during the effects of the first, the second's duration is instead added to the first, prolonging its effects.

Forced Rainbow Effects(hq_skittles, default Off): Forces vanilla rainbow Invincibility effects if hq_sparkle is enabled. If Off, Invincibility effects are a white sparkle trail with the character flashing white, a nod to classic Sonic invincibility effects.

Mini Turbo Storage(hq_mtstore, default On): If you have an active Mini Turbo while you're midair, your MT will be preserved until you land, making long dives more lenient in their approach. If you are under the effects of a sneaker boost during MT, MT is preserved until the sneaker effects wear off, and your speed lines will turn green to indicate preservation.

Quantum Jawz(hq_smartjawz, default On): Jawz are more aggressive and consistent at longer distances, allowing you to lay on the offense, even without a line of sight. Quantum Jawz will calculate their distance to the target in a straight line and will warp to close the gap if the target is too far away. Targets will be notified of warping Jawz through the sound of it appearing a set distance behind them. Jawz can also chase across long gaps and jumps, requiring midair defense tactics. Targets hit in midair will have their momentum neutralized, causing them to plummet. Red means RUN.

Other fun stuff:
- i/o support! hq_tips (default On) will provide end-of-race tips and can be turned off, either in console or through luafiles/hugequest.cfg.
- Hitfeed support! Grow+ squishes show up on Hitfeed just like Vanilla Grow.
- Hostmod support! You can see the enabled HugeQuest features on the Neo Scoreboard.
- Mod info/help feature! Inspired by KartMP, your console will tell you which HugeQuest features are active, and typing hq_help <command> will print a help message briefly describing the command functionality.
- Juicebox interop! Quantum Jawz get a slight speed boost to compensate for the existence of dash gates.

Credits/Special Thanks:
DarkyBenji: For laying down the groundwork and being the co-author of Grow+
Tyron: For permission to use i/o logic and tips framework from Juicebox
micenice: For math help on split item functionality
Ashnal: For guidance and general troubleshooting help
Lat: For permission to use KartMP's help/info framework
Togen: For help with Grow+'s Damage hooks and assisting during public testing
Titou: For inspiring item size scaling with Weathermod
Member's of Retro's Game Corner, Scyther's Stream Server, Mocha's Coffee Shop, and The Interdimensional Championship: For participating in public testing and providing valuable feedback.


You, Random Kart Player: For taking the time to check this mod out and hopefully take it for a spin.

Known Issues:
Quantum Jawz' altered color is not visible if 3D Models are enabled. This is purely cosmetic and has no significant bearing on core mechanics.
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