Tangle & Tangoodle are here to race! KC_LD-Tangles

[Character] Tangle & Tangoodle are here to race! KC_LD-Tangles 2021-03-09

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Hello again friends! If you've been around the SRB2 Discord or on my twitter you're probably aware that I'm in the works with making Tangle! Uh, sorry that's uh, not this one, please be patient!

But to tie you over! And also because these are fun to make, we have Tangle and her trusty Place-holder-turned-character Tangoodle! (It's crazy how many people fell in love with what was supposed to be just a placeholder sprite) maybe she'll capture your hearts too!

Here's regular Tangle! Tangle the Lemur! Straight from the Sonic IDW comics, with a Weight of 3 and Speed of 6 she'll zip along just fine. Her default colour is Slate!


And the Trusty "These frames ain't finished yet boss, leave it to me!" Tangoodle!, with a balanced 5 weight and speed, she's got you covered. Her default colour is white!



"Who are you?"
"I'm you, but cooler"

Special thanks to Chrispy & Jeck Jim for giving me pointers and whatnot c:


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