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MetAlt - Introducing the TwinVolt

MetAlt was a personal project I was making for fun. My friends liked it, alot, so I decided to toss em into the submissions.

MetAlt is an alternate version of Metal Sonic, with a moveset that hybrids Sonic, Amy and Fang.


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MetAlt can freely swap between having a Homing Thok with Multiability or a short special Twinspin by pressing Custom 2

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New to V2, the TwinVolt, an invincible Twinspin that only works when not in water!

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When timed perfectly, you can use the TwinVolt to jump off harmful floors such as Lava or Electricity! But Water can still damage if not careful!

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By pressing Custom 3, MetAlt can do the Quick Dash, which after a short charge up time, allows him to burst ahead into dashmode!

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Instead of a Spindash, MetAlt can use Gunslinger to launch a laser, but be careful as it has a significant delay before you can do anything after!

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MetAlt can go Super too! But with some extra bonuses whilst in Super..

MetAlt was also also developed after Metal, this means that one of Metal's greatest flaws has been fixed! MetAlt is waterproof and can breathe forever in water! (And Space, because beep boop)


MetAlt has Custom Music for many scenarios, none of which overwrite vanilla tracks!
MetAlt uses Vanilla sprites, with some being modified!
MetAlt is compatible with Super Run, and maybe more down the line

Tips and Tricks

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A small sound is played when your Quick Dash is recharged!
Homing Thok can be cancelled by pressing jump again!
You can retain the momentum from the Homing Thok via the MomentumShift, which is done if you switch to TwinVolt just before you connect with the thing you're Homing on!
Switching back to Homing Thok after such will also allow you to use Homing Thok again!
You can retain homing momentum in super simply by cancelling before connecting!
Pressing Jump and Spin at the same time on the ground lets you shoot without having to deal with the post fire stun!
MetAlt is a neutral agent of chaos, you can get points by attacking your teammates with projectiles totally intentionally. Do this if you wanna lose friends :3


V1.0 - Release​

V2.0 - The TwinVolt Update​
Some sprite changes to Super and Normal
Added in the TwinVolt, a change to the Twinspin that allows you to take no damage during it, as long as you're above water
Added in some different SFX
S_PLAY changes
Added in the TwinGlide, holding spin after a Twinspin in super allows you to glide similar to Metal Float, without carrying upward momentum
Added in a feature for getting stunned in Super forme (Such as damage in NiGHTS, or Corked by Fang)​

Other Notes

I do not own the sprites, they belong to STJR.
MetAlt has their own character slot, leaving Metal Sonic free to be used alongside.
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Interesting concept, being able to swap between a few moves at once. You don't see a lot of mods incorporating interchanging mechanics like that. Fits the theme of Metal as well, imo
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