- Peelout sprites swapped out for v1.3's sprites.
- Attempt to fix Attraction Shield bug, but does not work.
Made the Peelout not display Peelout frames if Super, I just forgot a check.
After quite a while, I have finally achieved everything I wanted to originally achieve with MCSonic, and as such, v2 shall finally come forth.

- A lot of new VFX has been added! You'll notice it easily.
- 2 new Co-Op features have been added!
- Momentum Boost! Hit a player whilst in Dashmode to give them a speed boost and either Dashmode or Speed Shoes based on flags.
- Power Share! A Hyper MCSonic player can press Custom 3 on the ground near a player to give them Super! This also grants 50 rings.
- Dashmode has been overhauled, becoming more like a Momentum mod of sorts.
- Drop Dash has been slightly nerfed from 72 max speed to 60 max speed.
- Drop Dash can now go onto walls as the Wall-Dash! Hold spin to charge, and release to fly up! Beware, though, this is the slowest height option!
- MCSonic must now turn Super via Custom 3.
- MCSonic now must be holding Jump and pressing Spin mid-air to perform shield abilties.
- Peelout now has a brief period of invinciblity.
- Spindash has been buffed.
- Mindash: 15 -> 25
- Maxdash: 60 -> 70
- Strike State returns as a small burst of invincibility after using Peelout.
- Bounce now uses 2.2.9's sprite scaling features!
- Hyper's theme has been replaced by Bouncy Glow's revised version.
- There are now easter eggs... good luck finding them.
- New CSS art, black sole sprites, and new Dashmode/Peelout frames, all courtesy of SuperPhanto.

So, you know how I advertised having different death animations for getting burnt and electrocuted?
Turns out I forgot to make them actually apply to MCSonic instead of normal Sonic when making this ready for MB release.

Fixed rq, I noticed it during v2 dev.
You could bounce off death planes whilst dying, and Dash Mode wasn't properly cleared after death.