Very small patch that updates the paper peelout to use the latest version.
Inferno made a statement in the discussion thread, and I've already said this there, but I'll reiterate this for anyone who doesn't look there as much
All further updates are cancelled, I've chosen to leave the SRB2 Community beyond certain private circles entirely for personal reasons, and I figured I'd stop anyone from getting hyped for something that is being abandoned.

Please understand that I would rather not disclose the reasons, for they are very personal and would end up causing more issues than needed, and please understand that this is my choice. Do not attempt to convince me otherwise.

I've also already given all MRCE responsibilities I had to Xian, and any other SRB2 projects of mine are also cancelled or will no longer be given any support.

I give full permission for anyone to perform maintenance updates to any mod I have released should it be needed.

As you might have been able to tell by the shift of ownership, there's been a slight change of plans. I've been close friends with Inferno for a while now, and I can confirm that he's not going to be coming back. He did, however, give me a message to deliver on this topic...

TL;DR as I've played a big part in the development of this mod in the past, Inferno has entrusted me with updating and maintaining Max Control pack. This doesn't apply to anything else Inferno has made, and those are still to remain within public domain.

As new project lead, I'll just let you all know right off the bat that I'm fully aware that the [reusable] tag means I technically cannot stop anyone from making modifications, but I would like to request that everyone please not host with or distribute modified builds. Please understand this isn't just for me, but for Inferno as well.

Thank you for understanding, and I hope you enjoy what I have to offer for the future of this mod!
Just made the Jump portion of the Wall Dash what happens always, since it was so confusing for many to get used to.
Apologies for the buggy release, I wound up losing motivation towards the end and just wanted to see it out.

But, here's the bugs fixed:
- MCTails will no longer retain MCSonic's to-be-redone victory pose upon swapping at end of level.
- You can no longer use Lasting Bond's functionality in multiplayer (The original check for this somehow failed, so I had to forcibly just make it not run any of the code.)
- You will no longer retain Spindash state after swapping, you will be forced back into standing.
- Transformation sequence gems have been updated for the proper updated sprites and now the 7th Emerald no longer overlaps the 1st.

The bug with MCTails suddenly losing his tails, I could not replicate under the conditions often described.
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  • Wall Dash was redone. Again.
  • Holding Jump will dash you up and off the wall, not holding it will dash you down the wall.
  • Now has proper burnt and electric death animations.
  • MCTails has officially been added! I won't explain his entire moveset here, that's for the CSS screen and eventual overview edit to explain.
  • here is also a CUSTOM tagteam for MCSonic and MCTails. Swap between the two via Toss Flag.


Credits have also been updated, I will update the overview eventually.
I have put this off for far too long.
- Added MCAmy! From here on out, this serves as a character pack. Check the Overview for her description, when I update it.
- MCSonic has gained the following buffs:
- Wall Dash's air roll lock now goes away if you start falling.
- Wall Dash charges faster.
- Peelout can be done via Custom 1 at any speed on the ground.
- However, Peelout takes longer to charge to max speed now.
- Drop Dash can now skip across water.
- Adds full support for the MCSonic model by fznmeatpopsicle, and models in general.
- General bug fixes.
- Adds a unique effect to transformation.

It was broken anyways, and likely responsible for the lag, so bye-bye.
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This should hopefully fix all remaining actual bugs.
- Rebound Dash trails actually have the proper colors during Hyper now.
- You can no longer store a bounce into Hyper Dash.
- Walldashing into objects will no longer behave erratically.
- No, the ring attraction issues are still not fixed, unsure how to fix them.
Fixed a bug involving jumping out of a Peelout when it's in the dash frames. Apologies for all these Day One updates!
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Turns out I forgot to... actually include v1.3's changes, LOL. Phanto fixed that rq.

There's also dash frames for Super that are just Alt Sonic's Super Run, so now there'll be credit given to Icezer.