Jug's Speed Utilities (AKA Boost Queueing & Additive Mini-Turbos)

[Open Assets] Jug's Speed Utilities (AKA Boost Queueing & Additive Mini-Turbos) 1.3.5

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Boost Queueing ("bq_enable") allows players to use sneakers and perform mini-turbos without wasting each of these resources - Sneakers' effects happen first, then mini-turbos'.
Additive Mini-turbos ("am_enable") allows mini-turbos' durations to add on top of each other, instead of the longest duration overriding everything else. The console variable ("am_mtaddmult", default 1.0) allows to multiply the value of the length of mini-turbos.
Speed Pad Storing ("sps_enable") allows to drift store off of Speed Pads.
These changes are enabled by default. To disable them, do "bq_enable off", "am_enable off" or "sps_enable off".

All three of these changes, when used together, allow games to be faster and less frustrating while keeping vanilla's balance, and in my opinion, they make the game more fun.

Features Hostmod scoreboard compatibility, displaying the applied changes if enabled and adding tips for each.

Addiitonal CVars:
  1. "bq_burstdisable" and "am_burstdisable", default On.
    • Interoperability with Acrobatics - disables Burst Queueing and Additive Miniturbos respectively, if a player is under the effects of a Burst trick (they conflict with each other otherwise).
  2. "am_applymultafterfirst", default On.
    • The miniturbo multiplier (set by "am_mtaddmult") will only apply if the player is already under the effects of a miniturbo. This tweak is disabled automatically if "am_mtaddmult" is set to 1.0 (its default value).
  3. "jsu_debug", default Off.
    • Throws debug messages to help figuring out problems with the mod.
Have fun, and let me know if you enjoy it!
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Latest reviews

Great mod. ~

Boost chaining fixes a frustrating thing that is wasting items or miniturbos due to boost pads, or miniturbos due to using a sneaker. And does that in a way that's not as broken as the boost stacking scripts you can see on some servers.
In fact, it feels very vanilla-ish due to the way it works and doesn't seem to create any balance issues.
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It's remind me of the reserve system from Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled but i'm glad it's less broken on here.
The Miniboost at the end of the boost is a nice touch !
Upvote 0
I really don't know what the logic is in disabling lua scripts by default. If you're adding a script like this, you expect it to just work right away, and disable what parts you may not want later. You really don't need to force an extra step in there. Still, welcome to releases.
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