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This extension adds BLua (SRB2 2.2 & Kart) compatibility to Notepad++.

Ignore the reusability terms chosen, this obeys the GNU FDL 1.2 license as it uses content from the SRB2 Wiki. If you need to modify it, simply make it free, keep the license in your releases, credit people, and you're good.

  • Support for C-style comments, continue, !=, amongst other BLua-specific stuff.
  • Highlighting, Autocomplete and Docs for SRB2 (& Kart) functions, actions and values.
  • Dark and Light theme versions of highlighting.

These instructions assume you have Notepad++ installed (i.e., not the portable version). If you have the portable version, then all the relevant folders (userDefineLangs and autoCompletion) will be wherever you have your portable version's folder.
  1. Press Win+R to summon Run.
  2. Write: %appdata%/Notepad++/userDefineLangs, this will lead you to the user defined languages folder.
  3. Drag-n-drop the UDL .xml file from either the Dark or Light folder (depending on your Notepad++ theme) into the userDefineLangs folder.
  4. Press Win+R to summon Run again.
  5. Write: %ProgramFiles(x86)%/Notepad++/autoCompletion (32-bit) or %ProgramFiles%/Notepad++/autoCompletion (64-bit).
    The bitness depends on which version of Notepad++ you have installed.
  6. Drag-n-drop the .xml files from the Autocomplete folder into the autoCompletion folder.
  7. Restart Notepad++ if you have it open.
  8. To use, go to Language > Select blua_juggy/blua_juggy_kart (for SRB2 2.2 or Kart v1 respectively).
    Feel free to test the autocomplete feature by writing something like ANG1, A_Chase or gamemap.

Known Bugs and Notes
  • Due to Notepad++ bugs, functions with dots or colons (such as hud.add) will not be highlighted nor docs will appear, but autocomplete will still work.
  • Kart autocomplete has some values missing (such as its SKINCOLOR_*-specific values).
  • Autocomplete/highlights are intentionally missing MT_, sfx_, S_... values, as too many values can potentially make Notepad++ lag and make it more cumbersome to code with because of it.
  • Notepad++ has no concept of objects, so no autocomplete for values from mobj_t or player_t, for example.

Special Thanks
  • SRB2 Wiki editors for providing the documentation that these files use.
  • Sonic Team Junior and Kart Krew for making banger games.
  • All scripters who have had more than 10 wiki pages open at any time.
  • RaziEiL for their SourceMod-specific N++ compatibility which was the inspiration for this.
  • You!

Oh, and feel free to report me bugs. Thanks for checking out the page!
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