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[Reusable] Juggy's Jug of Tools 0.6.1

Juggy's Jug of Tools

Juggy's Jug of Tools is a collection of (mostly admin) commands, for both SRB2 and Kart, meant to help make the chatting experience better and more.

This is an early release because I feel really confident with what I have done right now, and I would appreciate feedback on these features so far.

Individual Player Muting
A feature of this mod involves players being able to disallow another player's messages to reach them - a more traditional mute feature similar to other games. This is done by using the "muteplayer" or "playermute" command, followed by a name, or a node number (with #0, #1, etc...)
This feature is disabled by default. In order to enable it, set "jug_mute_enabled" to On
The console variable "jug_mute_immunity", which is enabled by default, controls if admins can be muted by players.
In addition, if you want to see who you have muted right now, "mutelist" will tell you. As an admin, you can also target "mutelist" (e.g. "mutelist Player") to see who they have muted themselves.

Shadow Mute
Players, specially in Kart, can get really salty. Although throwing all of your salt at the chat can be a therapeutic experience, a lot of players simply do not want to deal with it, as it can drag the mood down. "shadowmute [name or node]" is an admin tool that makes it so such a player is automatically muted by everyone, but they will still be able to read their own messages, making them think they are being listened to. It can be toggled on and off when needed. To see who's currently shadowmuted, the command "mutelist" will display a list of such players.
The console variable "jug_shadowmute_immunity", which is enabled by default, controls if admins can be shadowmuted. On by default.
The console variable "jug_shadowmute_adminread" allows admins to read shadowmuted players. They can still mute these players if they don't wish to read them at all. On by default.
The console variable "jug_logging_shadowmute" logs shadowmuted players' messages into the console. On by default.

Force Respawn
No map is perfect - which is why "forcerespawn [name or node]" exists, allowing admins to indeed do just that. Indicate a name or node number as a parameter, and players will be forced to respawn at their latest checkpoint.
Very useful for SRB2 in particular, as it does not have a respawn command, and in Kart, it covers situations where players could get softlocked, such as in the air through wind sectors in custom maps.
When someone is forced to respawn in SRB2, a life won't be deducted.

Rainbow Chat
A half-flavor, half-useful feature, that involves admins (by default) being able to coat their messages through all manner of pretty colors, using "rainbow [text]" (or "rainbowsay [text]", if you prefer).
It's possible to toggle on their usability by everyone by setting "jug_rainbow_everyone" on, but bear in mind that it could become an eyesore if abused by normal players. When this happens, the whole server will be notified.
It is also possible to toggle rainbow chat functionality to individual users, through "giverainbow [name or node]". This gives players a functionality similar to Hostmod's shout feature, and can be particularly useful if you want players to listen to someone in particular, without giving such person admin powers.

Map Configuration Files
When "jug_mapconfigs_enabled" is set to On, the server will load a config file matching the map's extended map number, e.g. "MAPXX.cfg", and when it ends, it will load a config file named like "MAPXX_end.cfg". You may put these config files inside a folder if you wish. This is a very versatile feature, allowing you to enable certain gamemodes, change addon variables and more!


Miscellaneous Features
You can use "forcecolor" and a number or a color name to force everyone to use a color, akin to "forceskin". If you ever wanted to force a particularly horrid palette in SRB2 or host Green Wonder Boy parties in Kart, now you can!

It is possible to greentext by starting a message with ">"! Admins can do this by default - in order to enable this behavior to everyone, "jug_greentext_enabled" must be set to On. In order to disable it for admins as well, "jug_greentext_admins" should be set to Off.

A lot of these features are logged in their usage. If you think this is annoying, you may disable logging by setting "jug_logging" to Off.

Targetted commands consider capitalized characters for precise targetting. If you think this is too annoying, you may set "jug_targetting_loose" to On, which will disregard capitalization in names.

More to Come!
I am still working on many useful features. I am releasing my mod now so players and admins alike can take advantage of its features so far.

I would like to thank SSF123, Tiny Plume, Archdiggle, Mustard, TWL9 and MooTheChao for helping me test my mod, and Callmore for giving me pointers on how SRB2's custom colors work among lots of things.

Please enjoy!

v0.6.1 Changelog - Link
v0.6 Changelog - Link
v0.5 Changelog - Link
v0.4.1 - First Release
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