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[Script] Acrobatics (v0.5a): ABS System


Acrobatics is a mechanical mod of awfully aggressive aerial antics. Spin to win, land in style and get boosts in 3 different ways!

In Races, press or hold the TRICK button (BRAKE by default, can also be configured to be CUSTOM1) when you're ascending in midair to start a trick. Fly through the air with style!
A meter will show up on your screen:

Holding it will make the meter go up, and letting go of the button deflates the meter.

Time it correctly to get a solid trick boost! You'll be graded using way too cool descriptors:

If you overcharge, or have the TRICK button held when you land, your landing won't be as graceful:

Try not to get too greedy!

In Battle Mode, you have Aggrobatics: A mod that allows a little hop in mid-air to adjust your aerial momentum, and then rocket downwards to surprise your foes.

There are 3 types of race tricks:

Burst (Default)
Tricks will rocket you forward! You can weave back and forth with increased spark rate and zipboost to ram wily foes off-course!

Skilled folks can release the charge in midair, and airzip in a pinch!

Your boost gets converted into pure electrical energy. Press [ITEM] without an item to enhance your speed with the power of dangerously volatile voltage!

Your base speed gets raised ever-so-slightly with every successful trick! You can build up a ton of speed over boosts and it'll stack naturally, but you gotta keep moving! Getting hit or bumping walls also incur penalties! Such is questionable speed technology.

List of Commands
Refer to for a complete list of up to date functions.
A list of basic functions:
ac_trickstyle [0-2, or the name, or aliases] (This only affects Race - Battle has only one style of trick.)
0 - Burst [Default]
1 - Store
2 - Augment
ac_meterstyle [0-4, or type in the styles below]
0 - Disabled - No meter, all screen.
1 - Minimal - Thin as a stick.
2 - Simple - For a cleaner looking colorbar.
3 - Default - Out of the box look.
4 - Alternative - Thicker shades, thicker style.
ac_trickbtn [BRAKE/CUSTOM]
Allows the trick button to be mapped to BRAKE or CUSTOM1. [Because of the internal changes, DRIFT will not work... for now?]
ac_trickreminder [on/off]
Toggle the little trick reminder in a netgame.
Other Things:
  • Server-side settings, such as locking trickstyles, configuring other settings, and more!
  • Numerous tiny compatibilities with other mods [HOSTMOD, TSRB2K, Elimination, etc...]
  • Trickframe support for custom racers!
  • I/O compatability.
  • More significant Easter Eggs!
  • Afrorule/Pepperdork for the ghost effect code and the original "Tricks" mod, which Acrobatics was originally written on top of.
  • Ashnal and Callmore for coding assistance/wisdom and some small snippets of code.
  • Marsh for Emblem and VFX Sprites.
  • yoshimo for new Augment charge SFX.

  • Download the pk3 for the full deal [KL-Acrobatics-v#.#.pk3].
  • If you want your character to support custom trick frames for Acrobatics, download "acroframe.lua" and shove it into your character wad. The file has further instructions! You don't need this if you're not making a racer.
  • KL-Acrobasics-v1/pk3 is a legacy build based off of 0.4 that retains the old depreciated COMBO style.

Reuse Terms
Version 0.5 and onward are marked with required permissions to edit and modify due to a combination of assets provided by other people that are being used in the mod. 0.4 and under are still freely available to gut and use publicly - but I would absolutely love if you could contact me and give me a heads up (Angular#0333 on Discord). I don't bite, really - and if you DO edit it, I can't wholeheartedly figure out what needs to be fixed if I'm not aware of your changes. But please ask!
  • Stupid dumb launch hotfixes:tm:
  • New trickstyles.
  • Trickfails lightened considerably.
  • Wayyyy too many changes under the hood.
  • A sneakerboost to trickboost will be much smoother. [Thanks, Ashnal]
  • Improved trickboost detection.
  • Fixes a bug where replays would spew out undefined errors.
  • Trickboost length adjustments across the board.
  • Fixes a bug where mild and moderate trickfails would let players cheat out collisions from other items such as jawz or orbinauts.
  • Crossmod Support[First of a few]: In Elimination mode, a player marked for death will receive double the amount of trickboost as a panic catchup mechanic.
  • Fixed a bug where tricking was possible before the start of the race.
  • Combo Tricks slightly overhauled to make more sense and be less situational.
  • Improved trickboost detection.
  • Fixed a bug with Hitfeed and updated to work with Hitfeed's new v2 [Thanks, Snu]
  • Trick Boosts adjusted for a smoother driving experience.
  • Aggrobatics - Press the TRICK button to leap into the air, and then again to STOMP in Battle Mode.
  • You can change your meter style! [ac_meterstyle]
  • HUD UI overhauled to be more inline with the game's style.
  • Meter is smaller and take up less real estate
  • Squashed a good chunk of bugs, including a few major netplay bugs
  • Minor animation issues of the status messages [ie, "Why?"]
  • Aggrobatics effects incomplete [no pushback/squish effects, just movement]
  • No splitscreen support yet. Soon.
  • Initial Message Board/Public Release.


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This is a fun little mod! I really like the extra mobility it gives.

Sorry but I have to ask: is that Shamiko in one of the screenshots? And if so, is that mod available anywhere or is it private? Again I apologize but seeing one of my favorite anime characters of recent memory in Kart form has me incredibly curious.
Is there a command for this Script because I can't seem to figure out how to change the trick button and the types of tricks that you can do.
Post updated with the command list.

Shamiko is planned to be released in a character pack in the future, also.
Acrobatics has a fresh update, with a fresh coat of paint, and a fresh new style for the small group of dedicated Battle mode folk. Check out the changelog.
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Not sure if it's just me but none of the listed commands appear to be working when I input them so I'm not able to change between trick types or anything.

That aside, this is one of my favorite mods, adds some really cool elements to the game, love it.
So I've been playing around with this mod a bit on Casual Army, trying to gather my thoughts, and I think I now have a suitable enough feel for it to take a stab at some critique.

First things first, the aesthetics of this mod are super well done. There's a plethora of Sonic themed design cues present here, and all of them are incredibly charming; but I'm also really happy that the smaller details, like the sound design of micromanaging the meter, weren't neglected either. There's a lot that this mod does right, and at it's best moments it can feel exhilarating to blow through tracks with it, once you've gotten a proper feel for everything.

However, that leads into where Acrobatics falls short on: conveyance.

As someone who had no idea what Acrobatics was before I started playing on Casual Army, it took me asking friends about it to figure out that you're supposed to let go of the trick button before landing. This design is similar to how games like Sonic Riders and the Tony Hawk series handle tricks, but in those games the trick animations themselves make it very obvious when you can and can't land. In Kart, the only other midair animation you have access to is the spin, which has already been established in game as safe to land with due to the red and yellow spring panels.

This.. isn't necessarily your fault, of course; it's not like Kart currently offers any midair animations that better convey what you were going for, but I think with some tweaks to the visual design could go a long way to make sure players don't potentially get confused upon their first time playing.
Acrobatics has gotten its long awaited dreadful update to 0.5. Throw caution to the wind.

For custom racers, there is rudimentary trickframe support [characters can use a custom frame for tricking]. Refer to the post for more details.

And 0.5a is out because capitalization is difficult.
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So I have a question about the boost duration.

Was it increased for all stat blocks? I was playing around with it and noticed that Sonic had a longer duration in the latest version compared to 0.4.

I was curious considering how much I was used to it being short for speed characters in version 0.4.
Burst got a considerable boost [heh] considering it was next-to-useless on singular maps with one jump. This should make it a bit more viable. On maps with a lot of jumps, well... I hope you got what it takes to control it!
Oh it only effects the Burst trick stlye?

I see. Was a bit concerned it applied to each trick style.
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First of all, this is one of my favorite mods in the game. It introduces so many cool mechanics and, coupled with Boost Stacking, encourages the discovery of new lines that otherwise wouldn't be used, which is super refreshing to experience and discover.

I love the changes to Burst style. It feels a lot more viable now, and the reward for handling the huge speed bursts is much more appreciable. I no longer feel at a distinct disadvantage if I don't opportunistically change to Store for Mistakes-B-Gone mode (seriously, my average placement goes up several slots with this because it smooths out bad luck so much, but it's also not particularly exciting besides a few boost stacking spots) or Augment if it's a front-runnable track. The various effects are also visually appealing, and are especially helpful in determining when you still have Burst potential or when other players use their Store charge.

On the other hand, SPB turning off tricks is a big bummer. Like, I just had an *amazing* combo running on Pridemoor Keep, only for SPB to spawn and just rain on my day. Front-running is obviously a problem, but the SPB now essentially acts as a 'Fun Mode Deactivated' button. I'm finding myself tempted to just let it blow me up because it's killing the reason I play in servers with your mod. Thus, if I might make a suggestion, could the SPB instead buff everyone else's tricks, IE Store gains charge faster (or even passively!), Burst retains its boost potential for longer, and Augment does... something (probably steadily gains percentage instead of losing it, or transforms into a trick type that's actually fun, oho).

On the topic of Augment, it just feels... lacklustre. It exists in two potentialities: utterly outmodded, and frontrunner's wet dream. Mostly it's the former, but its mere existence is antithetical to the design principal of your current SPB iteration. It's worthless in the back of the pack, because item spam on any populated server makes maintaining it a faint dream at best, but now even if you break away with it you'll get an SPB on your ass and its entire purpose is rendered null and void.

If I were to be so bold, I would suggest striking Augment from the record entirely, and merging Burst and Store together (possibly with the limitation that Store can't be activated while you're in Burst state to prevent outlandish speeds from being achieved). Store would gain 'fuel' passively based on how far back you were (additional catch-up and mistake recovery potential) and by being hit by items consecutively (IE if hit again within five seconds of flashtics ending, you get some pity Store to get back up to speed). SPB mode would then immediately drain all of its target's Store reserves and boost up all other player's passive Store gain. If you *really* wanted to, Augment could then be activated if a player's Store gauge was filled, granting them additional speed to catch up to first.

QOL changes:

It would be nice if we could disable the Airzips on Burst, I find it hinders more than helps since I'm trying to let go of Drift to cash in the boost a few frames too early and instead it's wasted on a little whiz that makes me fly off the edge or ruin my intended line. Either that or regulate it to a custom input.

On the topic of custom inputs, it would be really nice to have Store be assignable to a Custom input rather than being dependent on not having an item.

While the flame effect is helpful, a little bar beneath the kart like the Drift Gauge mod that shows how much Boost time is left would be really nice, and help a lot with figuring out exactly how it functions. I've been able to get a feel for it, but how Burst can be sustained long term via various sneaker panels and combo chains is a bit of a black box at this point.

Finally, in regards to black boxes, I'm still not really sure on how much extra speed Augment grants. Is it a linear range in-between 0-100% or something?

Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for the mod next!
Augment absolutely needs some glowups in terms of interactivity. I gotta sit on that one for a bit, and it'll probably be the focus for next update. I do keep everything compartmentalized from each other for the sake of gameplay variety and preferences [Store is a safety net, Burst is LIFE IS AS EXTREEM AS YOU WANNA MAKE IIIIT]. It's astounding much much variety I'm getting feedback on in terms of style preference which is kind of surprising considering how polarizingly different all 3 tend to be. I'd love to capitalize on their strengths more as this develops.

SPB denial is a necessary force in the current meta. Is what it is. I think it's a lot more fun in 3-7 player games where everyone keeps up and you're 1 second away from getting rammed by a Burst user into the deep abyss, so super large games it might feel like a "you did very good so perish..."

Store is tied to the item button for balance reasons. You choose to be a vulnerable lad should you want to use your store, and broadcast to the world "why yes please bop me with 500 orbinauts!" Items still reign as good counterplay for a store user.

I think Burst VFX are being redone to better show everything, they're probably the weakest vfx of the bunch. I think false airburst issues might be easier to overcome that way [they used to be terribly OP but one small change made them tolerable/not as map busting]. Burst being the delicate maiden it is...

Augment can be configured to show RAW percentage over POTENTIAL percentage using ac_augshow. Check your cfg file!

There's still some other things yet to come, and of course, nothing is ever set in stone, so we'll see how it keeps developing. Thanks for all the feedback!
como es el comando para que el 2 jugador pueda tener las otras abilidades

How is the command so that the 2 player can have the other abilities
Feel like there needs to be a system for the SPB not to drag down 1st completely on jump heavy stages.

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