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Replaces the end sign with a goal ring, and also adds it's ambient sounds. It's a port of a personal 2.1 mod I had lying around.

It's kind of hacky because of the way the sign works, as it needs to be off the ground in order to spin. So the sign is 1 fracunit off the ground until a timer tells it to return to the ground to stop spinning.

To change between the vanilla sign and Goal Rings, use "signtype" in the console.
  • 0/SA2 = Sonic Adventure 2
  • 1/Heroes = Sonic Heroes
  • 2/SRB2 = Vanilla Signpost
  • 3/Modern = Modern (Rainbows)
- The signpost sprite (SIGNA0) like to poke its head out sometimes
- Changing signtypes while or after finishing a stage makes it sick

v2.3: Special Stage Support!
Special Stages look boring, let's fix them!
GIFs recorded in OpenGL using AurumPal
The Emerald Shrine notices your presence and presents you with your reward for completing its challenge!
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Destroy the capture, and bring the token back to the shrine!
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The Shrine accepts your token, removes the barrier, and rewards you!
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This is currently a concept of how Mystic Realm Community Edition's Special Stages will eventually appear with Goal Ring added.
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v2.2: Added support for SL_2006 for it's next update.

v2.1: Heroes ring behaves like the Heroes ring!

v2: Added Sonic Adventure 2 Goal Ring!

1.0.3: New sprite by BlueBlur

1.0.2: haha ring go squish

1.0.1: It grew
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  1. Quick Code Fix

    - Removed some code to possibly prevent an error due to a structure change - Professionalism...
  2. Metroid!

    From now on, please add GoalRing after adding all of your characters! + Added sprite for Samus...
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    Imagine releasing something and immediately forgetting to check the something lmao

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Awsome update to an awsome mod
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It's cool, even more with models
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You really didn't have to go the extra mile with the Heroes option and backwards vanilla signpost compatibility.

Seeing and hearing this huge goal ring is a big aid to 3D stage navigation, and it makes it more than obvious why the classic signpost was replaced when Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Heroes rolled around.
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