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[Open Assets] AurumPal v1.3.2

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[SOFTWARE RECOMMENDED (though OpenGL looks fine too)]

AurumPal takes the palette of SRB2 and cranks up the vibrancy up to 11 with saturation boosts and additional hue shifting.

One of the more noticeable changes are the more vibrant grays; they now have a blue tint to them. This added tint helps to make the zones stand out. For example, it helps to give ERZ a futuristic look which fits the theming of the zone. Of course, there are also other changes like the hue shifted reds and the more vibrant greens. These changes combined make something that should look quite appealing and eye-catching. Pictures are down below!


Note: If anything looks strange, then please let me know. I'm always looking for room to improve.
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Hey, glad to see you got this uploaded, looks amazing! nice job.
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this is VERY appealing to the eyes. not much more to say about it honestly, it makes every stage look like even more of a visual treat, even plainer looking levels like techno hill look a little more full of life. absolutely great colour choices here.
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