A new update is here! Sorry for the wait.

  • Tailspin can deal damage again!
  • Indexing popups should hopefully be gone now.
  • Grounded Wheel Burst has been nerfed by request, and can no longer break spikes to give Tailspin more usage. It's still faster than running, but hopefully now it's also easier to control!
  • Flare's radius is more accurate to his sprites. This was lowered in 2.0's development due to a (now-fixed) issue preventing him from rolling up certain slopes without bonking off them.
  • Handful of new sprites! Skidding, Ice Surf riding, Goal Ring artwork, and a HUD icon while Super in Mystic Realm Community Edition!
  • Speaking of Super, the form now has a name on the "all emeralds" screen!
  • Transformation method is now listed on the Character Select for convenience, right at the bottom.
  • Even though the music-related crashes have been patched in SRB2, you can now toggle between Flare's unique Super theme and the base game's theme with the flare_supermusic command!
Also, now you can also view more info about Flare though the More Information button on the right hand side of the addon page. Both reference sheets and a bio are there if you need them!
- Fixed the scaling bug when switching between Flare and another character while Super (hopefully).
- This also applies to XMomentum!