Sparkster (UPDATE: Axel Gear)

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Sparkster joins the race!
A Rocket Knight from the distant kingdom of Zephyrus (or is it Zebulos?), this time Sparkster's traded his trusty jetpack and sword for a combat-ready kart!

STATS: Handling 1, Acceleration 3
COLOUR: Sapphire

First mod, here we go.
Sparkster is the main protagonist of the Rocket Knight Adventures games. His first two titles (Rocket Knight Adventures and Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2) were released on the SEGA Mega Drive. A third game, simply called Sparkster, was released on the Super Nintendo; and a fourth game, Rocket Knight, was released on PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.
Thanks to these four games, the series gained a small following.
Sparkster's appearance in this mod is based on how he appears in the box art and artwork for RKA2 and Sparkster (SNES).

Sorry if the back of his head feels off. His in-game sprites for RKA2 & SparkSNES had a different hairstyle to how he appears in promo art so I had no references for the back.

I hope you enjoy using Sparkster in your racing experience!

UPDATE - 16/07/19: Fixed the leaning sprites, altered data names to prevent clashing with certain other mods.

UPDATE 25/07/2019: Fixed the stat descriptions to be more accurate, and...
A new challenger approaches! Axel Gear joins SRB2Kart!
Wherever Sparkster goes, you can be sure that Axel Gear isn't too far away. The Black Knight and longtime rival/archenemy of Sparkster jumps in a kart of his own to finally take the opossum out of the picture!

STATS: Handling 5, Acceleration 2
COLOUR: Purple

Axel Gear is a recurring boss in the Rocket Knight series.
The reason Axel isn't in his own pack is that he's pretty much a reskin of Sparkster, so it didn't feel right to pretty much resubmit him. He is, however, asymmetrical.
He's available alongside Sparkster in the V2 download. V1.2 will remain up if you want just Sparkster, however.
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