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Straight from another world entirely, Frank, Dummie, and Huggert crash the party!! Just what will these goobers get up to?

FRANK logo.png


After surfing through inter-dimensional news channels for something interesting to do, Frank stumbles across a news article about Dr. Eggman's doings. With nothing else to do for the day, and thinking he can make some money off of the adventure to pay off some bills back home, Frank heads straight to Sonic's world for some action. And maybe funny shenanigans.
Propeller Burst
Through his travels across the multiverse, Frank had accidentally gotten himself reverse-cursed, granting him the ability to fly with his arms.

By pressing the jump button again in the air, Frank will start to float around in the air for a limited time before getting tired and falling down. While hovering, you can press and hold the spin button to descend in case you need to move downward while flying.
During any point while flying, pressing the jump button again will allow Frank to burst upward for extra height, and begin a slow descent downward. Let go of jump at any time once you burst upward to drop down normally and stop flying. Do take note that your momentum will shift depending on the direction you hold.

Ground Bounce & Fierce Kick

After jumping in the air, OR after you use your burst from the Propeller Burst, press the spin button to begin diving downward. Upon landing on the ground, you'll bounce back upward with a wacky pose. This dive isn't just for show however, as you can also break through bustable floors and boost springs!
Landing a dive on top of an enemy (indicated by the sound effect and ring of stars) will also replenish your flight energy, and even let you dive downward again! Use this in conjunction with your jump ability to stay up in the air for as long as you can.


Along with the Ground Bounce is a Fierce Kick Frank can perform. While diving, or after bouncing on the ground. Press the spin button again, and you'll be flung in the direction the camera is facing to redirect yourself on an instant, and get an extra burst of speed. If you end up tapping a wall, you'll rebound off of it to recollect yourself.

Dance / Parry
Bust a move, and become the king of the dance floor!

With the press of the taunt button [Default: Tossflag], Frank will proceed to dance for fun. Press the taunt button again to stop dancing. However, if you manage to time the start of your dance properly, you can parry enemies AND projectiles! Yes, I DO suffer from Pizza Tower brainrot, thank you.
If you miss your mark and don't parry anything, you'll have to wait a bit before you can try to parry something again. This is indicated by the ghost flash.


Like most characters, Frank comes packed with the usual spindash and roll. Don't ask how he manages to do this, just roll with it.

While on the ground, Frank proceeds to grab a skateboard, spin it around like crazy, and toss it as a projectile based on the camera's direction. While spinning around, You're able to both hover and instantly parry projectiles for a short amount of time.

Mega Bounce

If you're in the air and activate your ability, you'll instead leap up into the air, and come crashing down. Once you land, you'll spawn a ring of rocks, and launch yourself upwards, hence the bounce.​



Following Frank in this wacky journey, Dummie, the living testing dummy, is prepped up to explore the new world ahead of him! Feeling free, helping stop some baddie, what else is there to ask for on a perfect morning? Even if this little guy can't speak, or lacks several organs like most of the other cast, Dummie is sure to have a good time running around with everyone. In fact, he's slightly faster than the vanilla cast!
Triple Jump

Dummie is able to jump three times total. It might not seem like much at first, but you're actually able to use your two extra jumps at any time! Walking off a ledge, after bouncing on a spring, so on and so forth. This can be great for reaching higher areas than usual, or to catch yourself from falling off a ledge.

Crouch, Roll, & Super Jump

While on the ground below running speed, hold the spin button to crouch downward, which is perfect for avoiding crushers that don't hit the floor. However, if you press spin while running, you'll proceed to roll on the ground instead. Pressing spin while rolling on the ground will immediately make you uncurl and start crouching, albeit with a bit of a slide before stopping. Do note: sliding into a horizontal spring will allow you to start rolling on the ground.


At any point during crouching, performing a jump will allow you to do a Super Jump at the cost of your two extra jumps. Not only that, but a Super Jump will also make you perform a spin jump, allowing you to hurt enemies from any angle instead of needing to land on top of them. Plan accordingly!

Air Dash
After seeing some colorful creatures do this on the ground, Dummie had gotten inspired to put his own twist on the move, honing into his Parkour Skillz.

By holding spin in the air, Dummie will charge up an air dash, akin to a regular spindash on the ground. You won't be able to charge up your spindash for long however, as you'll slowly start to fall before the ability cancels entirely.

srb20186 (1).gif

Yeah, remember what I said earlier about the organs part? Since Dummie is a testing dummy, and has no lungs, Dummie is capable of breathing in any kind of condition whether it's space or the sea. Speaking of sea...


Dummie will AUTOMATICALLY activate spindash panels by stepping on top of them. That way, you can't get softlocked! It's foolproof!!

Dance / Parry
Taking after Frank, Dummie can also groove out and parry objects!

With the press of the taunt button [Default: Tossflag], Dummie will proceed to dance for fun. Press the taunt button again to stop dancing. However, if you manage to time the start of your dance properly, you can parry enemies AND projectiles! Yes, I DO suffer from Pizza Tower brainrot, thank you.
If you miss your mark and don't parry anything, you'll have to wait a bit before you can try to parry something again. This is indicated by the ghost flash.​
Big Punch

After a short chargeup, Dummie will lunge forward for one huge punch against an enemy. If you miss and hit the floor, small rocks will shoot out radially. If you hit any kind of wall, you'll instead be boosted upward, allowing a potential recover.

Feint Jump [Dive]

Activating your ability in the air will cause you to leap backwards, and will let you phase through enemies and anything hurtful. This only lasts a short while, however. Pressing the ability button again while in the middle of jumping will cause you to dive, causing anyone you land on to shoot upwards, or face their demise. If you miss and land on the ground, you'll instead spawn a ring of stars.​

HUGGERT logo.png


Huggert, my beloved.
Tagging along for the ride through unexplained means, Huggert joins the crew in stopping Eggman from creating so many negative vibes! And maybe catch a nap or two. Or seven… However many naps, when Huggert's around, the day seems to usually get better with his immaculate vibes.
Still in the process of learning star magic, Huggert is far from defenseless. However, because of his constant tiredness, Huggert is the slowest out of anyone in the cast.

Through sheer tiredness and cozy pajamas, Huggert descends slower than normal, indicated by the particles below him when falling.


Huggert can also last longer in space opposed to other characters thanks to his naptime-space-y theme. Neat.

Snooze Cloud
Take a quick nap on a floating cloud! Be honest, who WOULDN'T want to sleep on a cloud.

By double jumping and holding the jump button down, Huggert will start to float upward before making a gradual descent. While on the cloud, you will not be able to land on top of enemies. Letting go of jump disables the ability. If you have not landed on the ground yet, only your overall gravity will lower if you choose to reactivate the ability again.

Star Bullets
Using what he knows about star magic, Huggert is able to conjure up shootable stars for self defense.

By tapping spin, a small star bullet will be sent forward. Holding the spin button down for longer will allow you to charge up your energy, and shoot a faster, stronger, and bigger star. Charged stars can plow through several enemies, deal double damage, break spikes, and even bustable walls and floors!
Take note: Shields will change how star bullets function!


If you're in the air and start shooting, you can also choose to aim downward as well, functioning as an extra jump! Charged stars will send you much higher than a regular star bullet. This can be done up to 5 times until shooting downward has no effect on your vertical movement, and each shot gets weaker than the last. By default, to aim downward, let go of your controls. You can change this to different options using huggertairaim in the console.

No need to squish this guy with hammers- he can do it manually.

By pressing Custom 1, Huggert will squish downward, allowing you to get through spindash-gaps in case you're stuck in a spindash-related section. Walking into a horizontal spring while squished will also cause you to start spinning.​
Dream Star
[Message Board is being annoying ATM: Picture a gif of Huggert charging up using super transformation sprites and shooting a giant star that explodes into smaller stars. Will replace soon.]

Huggert will begin to charge up one big star to shoot. Once charged, you will be able to slowly walk around and jump. Pressing the ability button again will fire the star. Once the star comes in contact with something or has no interaction for 3 seconds, the Dream Star will burst, splitting into a ring of smaller stars.​



Partner Swap
srb20189 (1).gif

When playing as both Frank and Dummie, press Custom 2 to swap between the characters and seamlessly flow through their abilities!

Shield Abilities
Frank and Dummie can't use some shields normally. Instead, each shield will affect their main abilities, and offer something new. Try each one out, and see what happens!

Huggert is able to hug everyone he comes across, sharing the love around the world! Press Custom 2 when next to somebody, and a giant heart appears!

SRB2P Status Effect

Through sheer tomfoolery, Frank is capable of giving enemies (or himself if reflected) the Groove effect. Any enemy under this effect will take x1.25 the usual damage the next time they're hit, and lose the effect afterwards. Having Dummie in the party will boost the power of the dance attack!


For more information of these commands, enter the name of the command itself without another argument in the console.​
Command NameDescription
favchars_helpPrints the list of commands, along with what they're currently set to.
favsleepmusicToggle music that plays when Frank falls asleep for his second wait animation or if huggert sleeps for 30 seconds.
favsupermusicToggle custom super and Xmom hyper music that the trio uses.
favhatsThanks to os.time being brought back, FavChars celebrates both December and character birthdays with hats! Use this command to toggle if they should show up.
favtauntbuttonChange the taunt button that Frank and Dummie use.
frankdanceFrank has a multitude of dances. Use this command to select which one you want to use, or to set it back to random.
huggertairaimChange how huggert aims downward for their Star Bullets.
favfunniesToggles if funny things such as meme poses or extra silly content will show up.
fadswappersToggles multiplayer swapping between Frank and Dummie by pressing Custom 2.
fadswap_controlSERVER OWNER/ADMIN ONLY! Toggle between different settings that change when Frank and Dummie can swap in certain gametypes.


Frostiikin - Huge help with partner swapping and command i/o support
Pikaspoop - Assistance with the custom title screen effect, along with reorganizing sprites inside the pk3
Zoraxua Dragon - Helping with and suggesting great ideas for SRB2P implementation and other scripting assistance
SMS Alfredo - Allowing me to use snippets of his code
TAG and the CSCS - Assistance in testing, suggesting, and motivation to help push me through this.
Huggert and Dummie - for being good little beans :)​

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Latest reviews

I def love these characters and their abilities at most. Very fun to play as them. Although I wish huggert could fly a bit more when sleepy. But thats it
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Best character packs that I have ever played
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Hey hey Fav, congrats on the new update! Its been fun being able to do some pre-release testing on Huggert and the updated duo and giving some notes regarding bug testing. I'll confess that I haven't gotten the chance to check out the new stable version just yet but from what I've tested from start to finish as all 3 characters, they're fun to play as.

Starting with Huggert since he's the new guy in the spotlight, I've spent the most time playing as him just because of how fun it is to time his flight and star jumps. Huggert is a rather simple character to learn, but when you get ahold of his mechanics he is absolutely wonderful to master.
Most importantly: he's a good boy and deserves my praise. Same goes with Dummie :)

As for the duo, Frank and Dummie play similarly as they did back then. But now they are back with extra polishing to make gameplay smoother, more neat references/inside jokes, and new sick moves such as being able to parry anything from projectiles (both friendly and hostile projectiles btw, have fun with rallies!) to enemy collision. Frank's kick being a welcome addition and a burst of speed and a very fun way to maneuver and speed through levels and Dummie feels a lot more fun to control with tight platforming. The duo are really fun to play as individually, but one doesn't feel complete without the other and I'm glad that there's a feature for that in single player.

This mod is tightly knit with it's details ranging from references you can easily point out to pretty obscure inside jokes. Its also pretty hilarious and the gags get a good chuckle out of me. It pays a lot of attention to detail and the love and care that's put into the mod really shows down to the support for other mods. Despite all of this, I'm a little shocked on how overlooked it is, but that's probably the friend bias in me talking.

If you're reading this, give this mod a full game run or two. Favchars is definitely worth checking out and supporting just for how much personality is driven in this thing. It's been in the works for months, and the effort's gotta pay off y'know...

Excited to see what's to come, and once again, congrats on the big update.
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peak. thats it.
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These Are My FAVorite CHARacterS
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Oh my god.
It's literally the best thing ever! Keep it up!
I had fun with this one. Frank is sorta like Tails but you can't spam jump to fly, and honestly that's great. Dummie can't spin-dash on the ground, but he can in the air. Also he can multi-jump. All-in-all, this addon is the best.
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Well, I can play.

good gameplay.

Easter eggs.


Result: Good car
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Frank and Dummie are a good duo. I'm going to rate them separately.

Frank: His new move is very fitting, and his ground bounce is cool to mess with too. He finally has a nice battle move to! The Super ground
bounce will be more helpful then the dodge roll for sure! Nothing much to really say about him. 4/5 he gets!

Dummie: Dummie is basically that oc that feels forgotten. It's perfectly fine that he didn't come back with new moves... but he literally feels untouched, other than the extra abilities for the shields. His recurl is very awkward to use and time, and does not fit too well with the triple jump. His battle move isn't very fitting either, I would give him a 1/5 alone. I would love to see a more controllable recurl in the air if you can!
Upvote 0
We can always use more characters with fun abilities, great sprite work, and a ton of personality. The only bad thing I can think of about this mod is effectively a nitpick (see the discussions).
Upvote 0
Oh look it's that dancing guy from New Years Collab!
Jokes, they are pretty good characters to play as, though something i would suggest is making so Frank can Ground Bounce while Flight Bursting for some interesting interactions.
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