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[Open Assets] Ellie the Sparklet 2.1.2

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Introducing Ellie!
(Formerly known as Sparks the Scarf Rider)

She's my first custom character, and while I'm not entirely sure whether she's balanced well, she sure is fun to play, at least I think so. Ellie isn't very good in combat; she can't attack enemies by jumping into them and her only aerial attack is somewhat difficult to aim, making bosses a challenge. But to make up for it, she has incredible speed and mobility, feeling a lot like a super form, just without the invulnerability.



By holding Jump in mid-air, Ellie can use her scarf like a pair of wings to glide through the air.


Hold Spin in mid-air to twirl around. This will give you a chance to attack airborne enemies, but it can be difficult to aim, and causes you to descend faster while you're holding it. Releasing it will give you an upward boost, but you can only do it once per jump...unless you hit an enemy, in which case you can do it again.


If you push Spin in mid-air after you have already performed a twirl attack, you will instead slam to the ground at high speed. This damages enemies, but won't stop until you hit the ground. In case you're worried about doing this by accident, it won't occur as long as you are gliding when you press Spin.


Ellie has a "dash mode" similar to Metal Sonic, in which she rides her scarf like a hoverboard. It's pretty fun. This won't hurt enemies or destroy spikes like Metal's dash mode does, but the upside is you can use it to safely travel over lava, as long as you're careful not to slow down and exit dash mode.


Finally, Ellie has a limited immunity to electrical damage, and in fact gets more powerful from it! This gives her twirl and stomp attacks a larger area of effect for 30 seconds. Electrical damage sources aren't the only source of electricity Ellie can pull from either; having an electrical shield will keep her bar full as long as she holds onto it. Perhaps you'll also discover another powerful source of energy she can use...

Tip: You can tell when Ellie can attack enemies because she'll be surrounded by sparkles, as seen in some of the above gifs.

As a final note, Ellie's sprites are high resolution (highresscale=0.3) and have /16 angle resolution.

Please let me know what you think—I hope you find Ellie as much fun to play as I do!

Update: If any of you are interested, I've published the Blender source file for Ellie's sprites here: https://mb.srb2.org/addons/blender-source-file-for-sparks.2950/
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Latest reviews

Very well made character! I can't imagine how much time was spent on making each sprite itself, even though it was a 3D model. Very friendly person in multiplayer! Keep up the great work!
I remember you :) Thanks for the review, and I'm glad you like my work.
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I truly love it! I saw Sparks on YouTube and i wanna try it on my own!
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the verticality of sparks' moveset makes them very fun to use and the animations are amazing, some of my favorites being the spindashing animation and the swimming while gliding animation. i think the sprites are cool too (it's a 3d model rendered into sprites), but i wish we could use sparks as an actual 3d model in opengl instead of sprites

sparks is especially fun to use when in a race as you'll have to make quick decisions about whether or not you want to stay on the ground to gain speed, but risk losing it by hitting a wall or to stay high up in the air where you won't build speed but can be safe from obstacles
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WOW! The use of 16 angles make it look buttery smooth or as if its a model of some sorts!.

The abilities are ok and fun to use, I do find it weird she uses a laser sound for the 'ground stomp' though
It actually did come from a 3D model :) If you look at my submissions, I've also shared a Blender template that's set up for rendering sprites; I made it with that and scripted it to render multiple animations. I'm going to update the template at some point to support that in a more elegant way; when I do, I'll port Sparks' animations over to that and release the source files so others can make their own content based on Sparks.
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This is actually a pretty fun mod! It reminds me of how Lilac plays in Freedom Planet with her twirl move, but in a different and distinctive way that's just as fun to play as! Her jump height and aerial capabilities make her really enjoyable to play as. Sprite quality is pretty neat as well, reminds me of 90's Silicon Graphics models without actually being a 3D model.

Although I do find the increased jump height kinda problematic in some areas and she can get pretty frantic to use, although that may just be me. As quality as the sprite work is too, I feel her current sprite style doesn't mesh well with SRB2's sprite style; it would work better as an actual 3D model imo.

Overall, a definite solid mod, especially for a first try! I look forward to playing more with this character and seeing more characters come from you!
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See my post in the thread.
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I absolutely LOVE the visuals here. Her design is really cute, the various scarf tricks are really charming, and it's always fun to see characters taking advantage of 16-angle sprite support.

I just wish her gameplay style was a bit more interesting. Her giant jumpheight works with the rest of her kit to basically keep her above the levels at all times. She barely has to engage with the world down below. I think even lowering her jumpheight would be enough to make her jump abilities matter more.
You know, I think I can see what you mean. Here's a small WAD that will lower her jumpfactor from 2.0 to 1.5. I don't want to lower it too much, but do you think that makes enough of a difference? Make sure you load Sparks first, and then this WAD: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CJ4y1DfPVPL7rpACjSdzlmKzjDhdp5R8/view?usp=sharing
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This is pretty good, after using Sparks I got up a list of pros and cons:
-Her moveset feels very satisfying to use, it feels very smooth and adaptive.
-Her sprite animations are VERY smooth, not to mention how creative some of the animations are, her scarf turns into a wheel underwater and also turns into a surfboard whilist on dash mode which I just thought was really creative.
-Her design is great, simplistic yet creative.
-I feel like whenever she does her drop/stomp move, if she hits a spring with it it should bounce twice as high, just like what happens with Amy's hammer if she hits a spring.
-The camera is very close to Sparks which makes it strange and desorienting.
However, with all of those aside she is a very good experience, great job.
Thanks for the feedback! The thing with the spring is actually an idea I had in mind for a future version. That as well as breaking bustable floors. As for the camera, I set the camerascale to 0.6 so you can see more of the detail on her sprites, but I can certainly adjust it. In the meantime, you can do it yourself if you edit the .pk3 file; just go to Sparks\S_SKIN.txt and increase the value on the "camerascale" line.
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Welcome to releases!
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