Kinetic Playground Zone

Kinetic Playground Zone 1.3

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I've played on many hangout maps, and found that most of them are designed solely for aesthetics, without anything to actually play around with. As someone who enjoys sensory stimulation, I found this to be sorely lacking, so I decided to make my own map with this in mind. You may have run into it already on the Master Server, but:

Introducing Kinetic Playground Zone!


If you like exploring and experimenting with physics, this is the map for you. Features a convenient hub room for easy teleportation around the map. There's also 7 Chaos emeralds hidden throughout the map—can you find them all?
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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.3

    Smaller update this time
  2. Version 1.2

    Added some stuff. Most notably, getting the yellow emerald is...a bit more complicated now. ;)...
  3. Version 1.1

    Added some new stuff, including a new ice room next to the purple room.

Latest reviews

Really fun map, I saw it on youtube and I tried it on my tablet (Samsung TabA8), but the experience wasn't that good, the level make my fps drop straight to the 9-10 fps, is a shame for me bc I wanted to play this map with my friend for the emerald hunt. Is not a bad map but, you should try to optimize it better.

My tablet specs: 4GB Ram, Processor Speadtrum T618 / Snapdragon 665
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5/5 hangout map! There's so many thing to do, so many area to explore, and I love it! The chaos emerald hunt was really fun! Hope to see more from you in the future!
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What a neat map for a hangout map. 5/5
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