Leavebug Anti-Crash Hack

[Open Assets] Leavebug Anti-Crash Hack 2.2.9

This is a build of SRB2 version 2.2.9 which incorporates merge request !1594, as well as displaying a message in the console whenever the game would have otherwise crashed. This doesn't solve the underlying problem which causes the bug, but it's been proven to work fine as a "band-aid" patch that will at least prevent it from crashing the game. If you host a server and notice it often crashes right when someone leaves, this will probably solve your problem.

Despite using Linux myself, I've only included a Windows build, because that's what most people use and compiling tends to be less of a hassle for Linux users. I can prepare a Linux build if someone wants one, but unfortunately not macOS, as I don't have convenient access to a Mac. If you do want to compile from source, the corresponding source for this binary is identical to the SRB2_release_2.2.9 tag on Gitlab, with the exception of the "d_clisrv.c" file, which is included in the download.

Oh, and this works fine with vanilla clients; only the server needs to have the patch.

Thanks to Jerry for preparing the build as well as testing my fix on his server.
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A nice stop-gap fix. But do NOT use this on dedicated servers intended to run 24/7, when I tried and got back to the server after waking up the server had broken down into an unresponsive resynch mess. Not entirely sure if it's related to this build, but it didn't happen last time I ran a 24/7 server on a vanilla exe.
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