Getting bored during this time when we're all indoors? Well look no further. This map brings a new Gamemode called DeathRun! What do you do? You run through the map avoiding the (invisible to the Runners Team) trap buttons! At the end, you use your amazing aiming in Ringslinger to take them down!


Welp, I was bored, so me and some of my friends made this, and now it's here, so yeah the end


Version 0.1: Initial Release

Version 0.2: After disappearing for a month or two I decided to update this mod again, and will continue to do so in the next few weeks. The first part of three updates I'm planning is already here, Version 0.2. This update improves that old broken lua system from before maybe, adds new features, and fixes bugs as well. In the next update, I plan to include some new things, which include:
A new map if I have time and patience as my computer belongs in a garbage dump and needs to be recycled, Ability Nerfs and Abiltiy Cooldowns, and some major bug fixes and new features.

Version 1: Coming Soon when it's Done™

And as always, thanks for playing Deathrun™!

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