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NOTICE: This version of Clone Fighter is outdated, and will only be kept as a burning memory. As such, footage seen here is not representative of the current version of Clone Fighter.
We good with that? Alright.

Fellow badniks, I have been working on a project while you were out to hunt down Sonic." - Eggman started.
- "Much like Metal Sonic, it is designed to copy Sonic. But not only Sonic.
It is designed to copy everything and everyone it sees.
Feast your eyes upon:
The Portable Egg-o-Hologram 3.0, also known as..."
Clone Fighter
Don't mind the error in the gif. That's fixed in 2.0.1.
That's right, a pretty obscure but noticeable appearance from Sonic The Fighters, Clone Fighter joins the crew! He's been crammed into a single skincolor for easier use.

ABILITY: Shape Shift
While playing with the Clone Fighter color, you can change your character on the fly.
Press Next Weapon to Shape Shift into the next character, or Prev. Weapon to Shape Shift into the previous one.
You can rebind these keys with clone_switchnext and clone_switchprev. Available buttons: NextWeapon PrevWeapon FireNormal TossFlag Custom<1-3>

Even supports modded characters.

Th- That's it.
He can shapeshift.

You can bring Clone Fighter's behaviour into other colors! All you need to do to make your color a variant of Clone Fighter is add:
table.insert(CLONE_ColorTable, i, true)
to the end of the script, making sure to replace the i with your skincolor constant.
Also bundled in are 13 color variations for Clone Fighter in a separate script.

I hope you enjoy playing as Clone Fighter as much as I did making it!
Initial release
  • Fixed C.F. appearing invisible in Multiplayer if you select him
  • Improved the cl_enable command a bit
  • Changed the default value of cl_reminder to 1
  • (NEW hotfix) Undid the improvements to cl_enable
  • (NEW hotfix) Replaced local variables for the skins with player_t veriables

Initial build
NOTICE: Do not switch to Kirby. He does NOT like Kirby.
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First release
Last update
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I didn't like that they put it as a color because that way you can't play it alone. but i like that :)
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Good but can you fix multiplayer because when you try to switch in multiplayer it doesn't work
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