Clone Fighter

Clone Fighter v3.0.1

Hi, been a while. Just rolling out a quick hotfix for v2.2.11, since P_TeleportMove is deprecated. The shapeshift effect should now account for interpolation.

On top of that, I adjusted the HUD code so that Skip, Windows, Kiryu and Modern Sonic no longer obstruct the Quick-Shift icons. Instead, they just move to the lives HUD's right.
...well, for Modern Sonic, you'll have to use the SRB2 HUD style, as that's the one I accounted for. Alternatively, '06 HUD doesn't obstruct the space on the bottom right, so the default behaviour for a hidden lives display is easily applicable there.

The other issues have to be fixed either the other add-ons' (that includes Jana, Werehog, Tangle, Blaze, the Mario Bros. and any custom dashmode/momentum scripts) or the game's end (notably, the crash), so I sadly can't do anything about it. To the creators of aforementioned add-ons: if you're reading this, check the known issues list on the release post so you know where to start.

  • Added compatibility with v2.2.11 - no more pesky error messages.
  • Changed the HUD to account for Skip, Windows, Kiryu and Modern Sonic. (Use the SRB2 or '06 HUD styles with MS for the best effect)
  • Cool!
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