One of the most detailed and lovingly crafted character packs, I love it.

Ecco and Babs are cool to see; Pointy Sonic pulls off turning sprites from all angles and looks just perfect; the Hornets are fun to see together, plus I appreciate them and Pointy having second colour lua; Witch has a really neat colour-stat gimmick I gotta practice more with; and I personally just like Sam's art and weight mechanic a lot.

As of writing, I just wish to see these get individual releases! I know Ecco and Pointy got them ages and ages ago in the Outdated section, but that version of Pointy no longer works properly and I'd like to see them in a .zip here.
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The amount of effort present here is astounding, really makes me look forward to what the SRB2Kart community can produce. One of my favorite character packs overall.
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A diverse cast with special touches to many of them, like secondcolor support, sprites for normally overlooked angles, and Lua features! A great example of putting more in a kart character.
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