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For The Win!
A'Dilla submitted a new resource:

A'Dillaz Hat Shop - Adds an extra set amount of hats for you to enjoy!

Note: These hats support the Cosmetics mod. This is required for them to pop up

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Welcome to the Hat Shop! Enjoy yourself while we play 24/7 LoFi:
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and a certain someone's huge playlist of banger music.

We don't have too much, but I hope there's a good amount for you to enjoy a few. Lets see...

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For The Win!
A'Dilla updated A'Dillaz Hat Shop with a new update entry:

1.0.1/Four new hats in stock!

Welcome back! This version adds 4 more to the table, Quick shouts to the people who came up with these bright ideas helping them to be more funny!

The new hats will be shown in the overview, hope you enjoy!

I'm new to updating so it might take awhile for it to show, but I won't forget!

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You know.. I now just realized I could have updated the message then posted the update. Forgive me for my negative infinity IQ level :dramahog:

Everything should be updated. With all of that out of the way, hope you enjoy!
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little dude
glad to help with the gifs.

also i might support models for this.

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