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The BattleMod community has come together to create a huge map pack - The Community Battle Pack!

Featuring maps by a large variety of creators! Please check the credits spreadsheet here:

There are tons of maps supporting every BattleMod gametype, including OLDC entries that have been improved since the contest, revamped versions of vanilla maps, ports of classic maps, and entirely new experiences! Each map has been included with permission from the author. By the way, these maps directly overwrite the singleplayer campaign in an effort to avoid stepping on the toes of any other existing multiplayer maps.

If you're interested in including a map in the pack, @ me on the srb2 discord. I'm not sure how frequently I'll be able to update this, but I plan on maintaining the community pack for a while.


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v2 is out, with a new map!

Battle CTF maps
-Added Arid Canyon 3
-Techno Hill 1
-- Reduced amount of team rings in the flag room
-Lime Forest
-- Added a flank path behind the flag
CP maps
-Greenflower 2
-- Reduced the speed of the current at the waterfall capture point
-- Increased capture speed of the waterfall capture point
-- Removed one of the two underwater capture points
-Frigid Mountain
-- Increased capture speed of the capture point on top of a rock
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I got to try out the new map yesterday in a public testing server and it was awesome. I just wish people hosted with this pack more often.
The floating springs are there to give non flying characters a few high-skill ways to skip to the other train.
Updated to 2.1 to fix a crash on bpz.

EDIT: Updated to 2.2 to fix the train sfx on acz3 not playing globally.
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Updated to version 2.3!
- Changed the prefix from VMF_ to Ba_

Greenflower Zone 1
- Changed all red bushes on the blue side of the map to blue bushes
- Changed the upwards yellow spring which sat atop some blocks to a diagonal one, and repositioned it
- Lowered the tall platform near the horizontal springs in the flag room
- Reduced the amount of team ring monitors

Techno Hill Zone 1
- Adjusted slopes near the upper cave route, allowing for easier trick jumps to skip the gas jets.
- Added a new strong random monitor at the center of the map on top of a new platform
- Changed the SRMs underneath the goop on each side to spawn as Force Shields
- Updated level select picture

Arid Canyon Zone 3
- Added propellers underneath all the floating springs

Blazing Precipice Zone
- Fixed sector height and missing texture errors on the ceilings near the flag

2.3.1 hotfix: removed print statements from lua code on acz3
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Updated to v3.1

- Frigid Mountain Zone
-- Fixed a spawnpoint that was over a death pit
-- Removed some rings from the polyobject area
-- Fixed a missing texture issue.

- Secluded Island Zone
-- Changed pity shield monitors to Weak Random Monitors
Suggestion: Add a timer for the castle eggman swingers, so that after like 3 seconds or so you are thrown out of the swinger, so that flagrunners cannot abuse the swingers. Not saying it's impossible to force them out, but it's not the easiest thing to do if you're Sonic I guess.
there are no control points - the game put one there because you loaded up a map with no control points
Quite peculiar how SRB2 and CUTMULTIPLAYERMAPS have multiple CP Locations despite not being a CP Map. Wait... normal CTF uses Match gameplay (which uses Ring Panels), so maybe the ring panels are why the CTF maps have CP Locations, because CP Locations are based off of Weapon Ring Panels?
I think that's why.
Thoughts on the pack(and issues with ACZ3)

Really liking these maps here. No real issues for the most part(I'll get to that in a bit though) and although some of these are just a section of the levels they represent, they're done really nicely! Tempest Stronghold is also a interesting concept as well, may I add.

Silver Cascade is my favorite level you've done so far. Music is really good and the level looks beautiful! Kinda miss the underwater section and find the rotating platforms in the middle weird, but I'm sure it'll grow on me.

Now... there's some issues I have with a certain level and that's Arid Canyon 3.

You start in your base and then this is where the main issue comes to play.


Players can't quite make out whether or not this platform has pits between it or not, so it's likely that they'll have to slow down just to make sure they don't end up in the bottomless pit.


In fact, that's the same case with the moving platform too(which is the part I despite the most btw) as you also got to slow down, just to not hit the pit. Slowing down doesn't work with CTF, especially battle CTF as you'll likely have people hunting you down if you have the flag. So you're likely to get hit, lose the flag and die in the pit anyways, just because you slowed down trying not to die. Not to mention that you can't use any abilities when you have the flag too.

If you could replace the moving platform with something else entirely and fill in the holes of the platforms by the base and the moving platform, it'd make this map a lot more fun than it currently is. People can barely get the flag in this map and bring it back because of these issues. It just ain't friendly with those less experienced with the map. It punishes you too hard for just trying to keep yourself safe.

Aside from the negatives, this map is a nice concept. And this pack is really interesting and I can't wait to see where it goes next.
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I will admit the layout for acz3 was kind of an afterthought since I was just excited to get the double train concept working. I've been meaning to make some changes, since even the meanest ctf maps from vanilla (nimbus ruins) don't have platforming that is as precise as the metal platforms on acz3. I don't think I'll be outright removing the polyobject, but when I get around to releasing 4.1 there will probably be some wider platforms with less sneaky holes. Especially since the map is technically not symmetrical due to the lighting, making some platforms harder to see on only one side.

As for silver cascade's old underwater section - I don't really hate it, but playing lots of matches on that stage made me realize that once a flag carrier drops into the water they become a giant liability for their team. Any competent defender will simply camp the spring at the end of the tunnel, so any flagrunner that enters the water is effectively dead anyway. Using a death pit just skips that frustrating gameplay. My main worry about the remade version of SCZ is that it's not faithful to the original design, but people seem to really enjoy it so I'll stick to my gut here.
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Released v4.1 with level design adjustments, mainly to silver cascade (to make the waterfall sections less frustrating to escape) and arid canyon 3 (to make it harder to fall off in some sections).

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