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So A.I.R Eevee is finally in SRB2 and after a loot of criticism he is now re worked or at least in a RE-Work beta so much will change before v2 so without further to do...


So if u dont know who A.I.R Eevee is well simply he is a fast Eevee that teamed up with Tails back in sonic 3 A.I.R as a mod so yes technically this is a port and that will probably explain his moves and if u still dont well lets just say shortly that he was an early skin mod in the sonic 3 air modding community and back then script mods wasn't that great and no ability changes was a thing.
So now when he is in srb2 he got some new moves and a taunt and also this is my first srb2 mod in a way so don't expect something really amazing.


Well this little Eevee got a heck a loot of moves to use so lets go over them.

-Double jump: u know how this works so i wont put in a gif here showcasing it

-Spindash: same with double jump no need to explain this

-Insta Shield: now this functions just like in sonic 3 and protects u from danger and bullets and is also a nice way to cheat bosses.
also it is activated by pressing spin in the air without any shield and also it cant be used after double jumping


-Drop Dash: this is activated by pressing c1 in the air and it is op and fun and is a great source of speed. Tip: the longer it is activated the faster and longer u will burst away


-Super Peel Out: its activated by holding c1 on the ground its really simple


-Skate Board: this is togglable so don't worry also its activated by pressing spin while running. in this mode u dont have an easy way to turn but if u press spin u can do a tiny turn and if u cant a better way to turn press c1 to deactivate the skateboard


-D A B and noise: well u press c2 to dab at any time and he dab and yes this includes the special stages. also u can do the same thing with c3 but it is a tiny bit broken since yes in air and in nights u make noise but if ur on the ground he is free to move but will display a dab sprite


-Hug: as of right now i haven't got a gif to showcase it but he do hug by pressing c2 near someone and then pressing c3 to cancel the hug

-Dance: well u press toss flag to activate it and well same as the last one no gif for this one also to cancel it u jump and don't ask why

-eeveeskateglobal: A toggle for eevee's skate/roll. if it's set to on it Allows eevee to use his skateboard and it affects all players in the server so only admins can use this command
-eeveeskate: Same as the admin one, but for yourself, cannot be changed when globally disabled
-voyprotection: well it is spam protection and limits the noise spam so set this to on if u are a admin on a server to make your ears stop suffering

-a super form with a unique ability
-smoll eevee
-a funni eevee
-a srb2 2.0 version with thook and spindash
-Kirby mod support
-Dirk support
-XMomentum failed trick sprite support
-Hug :)

So uh the skate, dance, super flight, dab and drop dash is not re usable content so please show me, neon and rafael respect for the work on this mod.


Professor Eevee

I made A.I.R Eevee in the first place


DAB, drop dash script, 2.0 Port and a loot more


insta shield port for 2.2


Super peel out for 2.2


2.0 port and some fixes for v1 before it was out


Hug script
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I freaking love this addon is the best and fastest character i have downloaded,it can be really fast with only 3 steps
2:hold custom 1 and spin
3:boom now you fast as hell
Im keeping this version forever and if the next version haves more abilityes or anything ill download it i absolutely love it thank you for this masterpiece
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Overall good mod, the taunt spam is brain hurting but overall a cool mod. It's not low effort and doesn't spam a bunch of unfunny memes but is not netgame friendly.
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This is a good mod, the sprites (While simple) are charming, The abilties are fun, even if it doesn't make sense he has a double jump, Instashield, drop dash or skateboard, it doesn't need to make sense, it just makes the charcter more fun, In my opinion.
Professor Eevee
Professor Eevee
Thank you
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this guy is a momentum beast
if hes well played yall sms bitchasses mains aint gonna survive
Professor Eevee
Professor Eevee
well he is only probobaly faster then sms in xmomentum only
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ok there is so much shit I need to go over starting from the minor issues to the major
- the super color looks kinda shit
- the super is shit because the only thing it gives you is infinite thok
- and the abilities and controls are weird
this is actually a really low quality mod and the lowest I seen in the MB
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So. A.I.R. Eevee.
It's pretty okay. That's all I can really say.
Considering it's a port from Sonic 3 A.I.R., I'd expect it to probably be similar to the gameplay of that. (I'd check it out, but I do not feel like setting up A.I.R. anytime soon.) While the abilities are useful, it is a missed opportunity that Eevee does not have moves from its moveset as seen in the original game. Speed stuff is even possible with that.
A few things I noticed that felt off or I liked in gameplay:
- I noticed during the taunt, dab, etc. One of the Eevee sound effects was echoing. Was this pulled from a Kart mod or something?
- I liked how instead of the normal 1-up jingle, it's replaced by the Sonic 3 jingle. Nice touch.

I'd say it's not much to write home about, but it's a nice start to modding. Good job.
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