Triple Trouble Spring Spin!

Have you ever wanted to not be completely defenseless while jumping on a spring or going into a whirlwind or more? Well now you can! This Lua allows players to go into a spin animation AND use their abilities at the same time, so no more hassling about losing your rings to a crawla! To activate, just press jump while midair on a spring or whirlwind or something that takes you out of a spin! To use your ability, press spin again! Enjoy!

Version 2.1 : Truly fixed spawn particles now!

Version 2 : Fixed the issue with characters with the flag SF_NOJUMPSPIN being able to spawn thok particles out of nowhere.

Version 1.0.1 = Getting hurt now allows you to spin and use a ability.

Version 1 : First Release.


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Prime 2.0

Sure. Amy spawns thok particles if you hold jump and spin while falling from a spin, but otherwise works fine.

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Hey! You made me have nostaliga and my favorite music of STT *Sonic Triple Trouble* is the boss of the 2nd level and fangs theme which is used in srb2 v2.2


A bit odd to call this Triple Trouble Physics when it doesn't alter the physics of the game, it isn't even remotely Triple Trouble-based since you can't stay curled for long after being sprung. It was a timing thing that would put you back in falling state just a few frames after the curl. What would be good to do for this to truly make it Triple Trouble themed would be to remove the Spindash charge and have there only be 1 charge for it.

Two more optional changes would probably be:
- Tails only being able to fly from the ground.
- Super-Peelout added that grants Sonic temporary invincibility for the first few seconds after letting it go.