Triple Trouble Mid-Air Curl

[Open Assets] Triple Trouble Mid-Air Curl Version 2.2.1 - how did i not notice this

This is one of those mods that benefit from being used in conjunction with other mods. The recurl is already an incredible defensive asset, but the fact that it provides moveset extensions and recovery opportunity as well takes it above and beyond. The utility ranges from taking a hit and thokking back to safety before falling into a death pit, to gaining absurd amounts of distance and speed with a second jump thrust that usually isn't possible. The amount of situations the recurl is useful for is almost outmatched by any other utility option in the game, so it deserves no less than four stars, and gets a fifth one from me just because I love absurd and goofy options that aren't available in vanilla.
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Sweet! Much better than version 1 of this mod.
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