Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. Version 2.2.1

Century is a Fox

Im a Youtuber but Bad, im a little speedrunner
It's like SRB2/the addon is trying so hard to make him BLJ but the other is denying it
i bassically well, dive after jump of the water, i hold the spin button in the air while the dive is executed and well all the time after the dive just hold the spin button and that happens but this just works in the finish of the levels so, idk, if only works in the 2.1 levels port or in another mod levels.

pdt: sorry im a little bit bad in english

Hyper Mario

Another bug: srb20105.gif


It seems I've found a bug with Mario's SRB2 Persona implementation. When using any of his hammer moves against an enemy who repels strike (quake hammer being an especially common example due to it being multitarget), it causes a softlock. Here's a gif of that and the lua error printed to console.


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Not sure what you're talking about with the "insane spin. jump" though.
Thanks for the response! I was referring to the "helicopter mode" when you spin jump at p-speed in mario world. (Tf autocorrect changed p-speed to off-speed)
imagine if mario could freeze people with the ice flower in offensive gametypes
by the way, what's the name of his midi super music
It's a remix of snes rainbow road
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DirkTheHusky updated Super Mario with a new update entry:

Version 1.2.1 - Ultimate Mode, NiGHTS, and more fixes

Another update for you guys that fixes a few more things, and adds a couple new features.

Mario now properly works in Ultimate Mode. No more cheesing hits or 1ups! Everything here also applies to Multiplayer Ultimate Mode, so you can take it online too.
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Flying Mario in NiGHTS now has his own unique colored trail. Alot more accurate than the simple default sparkles he had before...

Read the rest of this update entry...
I'd also like to see
1. The Propeller Dive replacing the Ground Pound when doing the spin jump
2. Sliding (when ground pounding and holding crouch, or crouching on a sloped surface)
3. Being able to ride Yoshi
4. the rings text being changed to coins (i have no idea how you would do this)
5. being able to pick things up (especially would be useful with the ice flower powerup)
6. ice mario skating (and being able to skate over water like in galaxy)
7. All forms of mario being able to run after running for a while (the Super Mario 3D world "boost run" mechanic) <would really like this>
8. an explanation of why ice mario can breath underwater
9. an underwater hud meter similar to the one in odyssey and galaxy (galaxy being one of my fav mario games)
10. the move where you hold A underwater

your choice if you want to implement these or not i was just making suggestions, if some of these or all of these cant be implemented id be fine with it because it's already one of the best srb2 mods imo

also whenever srb2 party comes out we already have mario, yoshi, luigi and toad so you can have mario party in srb2

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