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shrimp [v1.2.1] ~ Cause & Effect ~ Supports Battlemod and SRB2P!


jet jaw sounds
He's back from the depths of [INFORMATION EXPUNGED], and with a vengence.

[SIZE=+2]DISCLAIMER![/SIZE] This character is not netgame friendly due to a bug in vanilla that causes extreme lag in certain scenarios. The large amount of sprites may run better in OpenGL, but the beefiest of computers cannot bandage the game breaking bug! This cannot be fixed within the character without removing the entire charm of it.

During your journey, you will learn about cause and effect. You will leave a trail of fire and death through your path, and see the effects of it as you play. The darkness will lead and tempt you deeper and deeper into destruction. Then before you know it, you will fight your own inner power being unleashed into the world, and you must stop it from spreading to the point of no return.
MT_CYBRAKDEMON_NAPALM_BOMB_LARGE dispenses less small bombs. This was made in an attempt to reduce lag, it does happen less to mass objects in software, but a bug in vanilla can cause extreme lag if a bomb is nudged into a wall sometimes. There is nothing I can do about it without ruining the entire point of the character.
They also get MF2_SUPERFIRE applied to them to make the game more challenging even when you're super.

Two new skincolors, Shrimpy and Anti-Shrimp.
shrimpy.jpg anti-shrimp.jpg

New secrets to uncover... You should get all those Chaos Emeralds...
Swim around, like flying but exclusively in water... This also includes rain, because it's water. You can indeed swim in rain.
[SIZE=+3]Aqua Affinity[/SIZE]
Resistance to water damage and drowning. Despite that, you can still collect bubbles... It does not benefit you, but you can become the downfall of your non-aquatic friends!
srb20248.gif srb20252.gif srb20267.gif
[SIZE=+3]Bomb Dash[/SIZE]
A simple dash foward and upward. When you land, you will throw bombs in front of you, which will hurt everything... Including you!
Press Custom1 to t-bag. Absolutely useless in singleplayer, but will demolish the psyche of your enemies.
[SIZE=+3]Shield "Buffs"[/SIZE]
Some shields are more destructive, due to your influence.
srb20725.gif srb20726.gif
I don't care if no one's ever going to play this, I made it anyway.
[SIZE=+3]Make it Rain[/SIZE]
Shrimp's special fire ability causes the level to start raining, allowing every shrimp to fly. Completely useless if it's already raining... What a waste of rings!
[SIZE=+3]Randomized Weight[/SIZE]
His weight will change... Every single tic. You might knock someone back really far... Or get knocked back yourself!
High Chance : 7 - 100
Medium Chance: 100 - 150
Low Chance: 150 - 2000
That's right! One of the first unofficial SRB2P characters. Very strong, yet unpredictable! Due to his extreme offensive capabilities, he does not have any support skills. A full Shrimp party is ill-advised, for multiple reasons. ;)
srb21064.gif srb21480.gif
[SIZE=+3]Support for Pets by Cyron.[/SIZE]
Make sure to add it before Shrimp to have one follow you.
[SIZE=+3]Various SPR2 shenanigans[/SIZE]
Has special interactions with mods such as DirkChars and Milne.
srb20736.gif srb21437.gif
[SIZE=+3]Hyper Form![/SIZE]
Compatible with Tatsuru's hyper script and CrossMomentum. :)
srb20330.gif srb20337.gif
[SIZE=+3]Officially endorsed model.[/SIZE]
If 3D models are your forte, check out SuperPhanto's Models.
napalm bombs now have superfire determined through Lua rather than a SOC state

new minecart/rollout rock sprite
new death anim,ation
Fixed Dirk surfing not working if mod is loaded before Dirk
new character select "art"
Removed shug
Fixed taunt bugging out if you have fly active
Nuke has more visual flair
you can now taunt on edges
taunt makes a sound
You can now fly in any level that is raining. Turning super still makes it rain, but flying is now directly caused by the weather.
Swimming can now tire out at random. 1 in 10000th chance every tic.
Cancelling super now doesn't change the weather back to what was in the level header.
x momentum integration (sprite, hyper)
new death sound
battle mod support!!!!!!

Now has a transform animation
Fixed health checks during pain
New attacks
Fixed final attack being a normal Bomb Dash
Now makes a death animation
Don't taunt
more organized....... this change only matters to me......
removed shug sprites (forgot LOL!)
added musicdef for the song :D

taunt uses a new state instead of float run
fixed battle error

anti shrimp
noww doesn't kill metal sonic or blaze because float run!!!
improved pain states
milne dance (so trendy!)!

underlying code cleanup

swimming trail is more transparent

fixed some errors

remove kirby support (you'll see why)

srb2p - fixed irony not actually functioning

anti shrimp has general improvements and is harder
Apollyon - SRB2P Graphics
CobaltBW - Battlemod example script
Dayz_Matter - ???
Dogey - SHITA0
Lat' - Help with SRB2P Support
Sanic Hodgeheg - BCZ3 edit (may as well took his edit since I was replacing the map anyway)
SuperPhanto - Official 3D Model

Scripting Assistance

SMS Alfredo

Supporters / CoAuthors



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has died
Wonderful mod, probably one of the best. His moveset isn't too strong, but isn't too weak. A perfect balance. 5/5.


Larz T

Bool Man Larry
What are you talking about? I am enlightened by Shrimp after my playthrough tonight.


Some idiot with broken humor
It's epic gamer time

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Why isn't this 5 out of 5 it's beautiful

Larz T

Bool Man Larry
A plan I have for the next update is allowing you to FLY anywhere in the level as long as it's raining.
I was kind of disappointed that this wasn't a feature already when I got to Castle Eggman. Glad to see it's going to be included soonish!

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