Shadow Android v1.3 can now Speen under certain circumstances

[Reusable] Shadow Android v1.3 can now Speen under certain circumstances 1.3

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I know right?! I was super in to that whole plotline as a kid, and then they just dropped it completely.

Yeah... maybe the Sonic Team didn't want to continue with Shadow... now he's just there.


I didn't realize this was made with prerendered graphics. That's pretty interesting. It's not like Donkey Kong Country quality prerendering, but still. I think the Xtreme Sonic mod also uses prerendering, but I don't see many other characters doing that.

Uuuuuhhhh the black-furred Shadow Android has yellow stripes not orange ones

Eh. Looks close enough to me. Besides, there were Shadow Androids with multiple color patterns, including some that were just black and red, like the original Shadow. If you have a friend you hate enough to play 2P mode with, there are also a variety of extra colors to choose from.


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Hey look, it's a minor fix update I probably should've released a million years ago. Neat.

What's New:
V 1.2

  • Implemented a minor improvement to the running animation by SuperPhanto.
  • The full name now actually fits on the CSS screen and i have no idea why it wasn't before, so I finally fixed that old baked-in nonsense.
  • Shadow Android will now spindash when there are no enemies nearby to shoot. DSZ2 is now beatable.
  • Androids who are eaten now taste as edgy as they should.
  • You can no longer slide around like a beautiful ballerina by holding the spin key.
tfw you accidentally become green therefore having to update yourself to version 1.3


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Pretty nice, but could he get some spindash frames for the next update? It sort of looks a bit odd having only the rolling frames for the spindash. Overall he's fun to use and the concept is cool.


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Also, does Shadow Android intentionally have Orange stripes on his signpost? It could be affected by the player's color.


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This is good mod with absolute shooting accuracy -60%.

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I press spin sometime it shoot sometime it spindash

'Tis alright. When it does not spot enemy he curls into a ball. It is intended.

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