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Hello, I am Brainfrost, and I like Mega Man III so much I made a track inspired by Snake Man's stage.


I'm very new to map making, but after stumbling my way through the helpful tutorials the community has put out, I've managed to piece together a complete track. I'm very curious about any and all feedback, especially if I've made a lot of beginner mistakes. (I'm sure I have)


Comes with indoor and outdoor sections, and a giant slithering snake you need to dodge!


I'd like to thank the community at large for the great wiki and tutorials, especially James Hall for his Zone Builder Tutorial series.

Thank you!!!



-Fixed textures appearing incorrectly in Software rendering mode
-Added two checkpoints to the outdoor section
-Boost pads in the S-shaped section are lit up better
-Added boost pads after the moving snake
-Added MUSICDEF so song is properly credited
-Added a small guardrail on the turn before the moving snake
-Added a couple more turn signs

-Fixed the outdoor fan sector not pushing grow or heavier characters properly. Any character should now be guaranteed to reach the other side.
-Added some offroad sectors to the outdoor section.
-Made a small checkpoint sector bigger so there is less chance of clipping through it accidentally.
-Added new textures and flats.
-Added miscellaneous decorations.

-Added various props to snakeify the track


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v1.1 update

Quick update to v1.1 based on feedback. (thank you Star#7631!)

Major changes being adding a MUSICDEF and adding a few more checkpoints so that the outside section is less problematic.


v1.2 update

I wanted to hold onto this 1.2 update longer, but this fixes a major issue with grow and heavier characters not being able to cross the fan sector near the end of the track. This should be fixed now and all characters can cross reliably. So I'm releasing this sooner rather than later.

Enjoy! And let me know if you encounter any issues or have any feedback.
So, this track is pretty darn solid. I love the snake wave thing, too. My main complaint is that the walls are pretty drab to look at, and they're what you see for a large portion of the race. Something to break up the monotony, like snake faces or torches/lights (maybe made to look like snake fangs?) would be nice.


v1.3 Update

Thanks for the feedback! Here's a 1.3 update, where I added a lot of props that hopefully makes the track pop out a bit more. Let me know what you all think.

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